Malcolm Butler has been a well-known figure in the field of American football. He plays for the New England Patriots in the National Football League in the position of cornerback. The fact that Malcolm Butler has observed a net worth hike of 20% over a number of past few years evidently states that he has been displaying a splendid performance.

The records that have been achieved by the player in his game has been outstanding.

The player is best known for the interception in Super Bowl XLIX which unbelievably led the Patriots to a victory. Malcolm Butler majored in physical education from the University of West Alabama. The footballer made his debut as a cornerback in the game which he played against the Miami Dolphins in the year of 2014.

Malcolm Butler received his first big break when he took the place of the struggling Kyle Arrington. The net worth of Malcolm Butler has been estimated around $9 Million USD.

Early life                  

Malcolm Butler has been a popular figure in American football. Born in Mississippi, he also has four more siblings. He had graduated from the Vicksburg High School. The record that had been maintained by the player in his high school was that he made five tackles in each game.

This did earn him a scholarship for Hinds Community College located in the city of Raymond, Mississippi.

The early years of the player were not as smooth as it appears to be now but the skill and dedication with which the player carried out his initial years in the game made him reach the position in which, he is today. Malcolm remained faithful to his game and got a chance to play as a cornerback for the New England Patriots of the National Football League.


Malcolm Butler majored in physical education from the University of West Alabama. In the year of 2009, Butler produced an amazing record of 22 tackles along with a single interception, but unfortunately, after the fifth game of the season, he was ejected from the team.

Malcolm was transferred to the Alcorn State University, which was followed by invitation from the Hinds College in the year 2011. Malcolm Butler as a sophomore recorded 3 interceptions, 43 tackles, and 12 broken-up passes. The football season in the year of 2012, particularly turned out to be a splendid year in terms of his career. The player finished the season with 43 solos, 49 tackles, and 5 interceptions.

In the year of 2013, the particular title that the player received was Beyond Sports Network All-American. The achievements that lead to the particular title of the player was 45 tackles; one blocked a field goal and two interceptions in a single season. It was the year of 2014, which marked the beginning of an amazing career of Malcolm Butler. This is because the player signed with the New England Patriots.

The player in his rookie season did appear in 11 games in total out of which he achieved a record of 15 tackles and effectively defended three passes. Malcolm Butler was very fortunate in having a coach like Chan Gailey who did recommend the player to the New England Patriots. The recent AFC championship game observed Malcolm Butler in game saving action, because of which the Patriots did win the game by a huge score over Indianapolis.

Personal life

Malcolm Butler has been a well-known American footballer for the past few years. The player is particularly famous for one of the most famous games in the National Football League history. The hike the player has received in terms of the net worth over the past few years (20% to be precise) indicate that the present career of Malcolm Butler is currently following an uprising trend.

Malcolm currently owns a range of luxury cars, which include Range Rover, BMW, and Audi. What little can be known about his passion towards the game from early childhood, apparently indicate that the player loved his game and was utmost sincere towards it. This can be further supported by the fact that Malcolm Butler played football in his senior years and averaged five tackles per game.

The journey of the player has been so inspiring that in February 2017, the Hollywood Reporter did publish an entire article that stated the news that the production company named Narrative Capital had effectively acquired the rights to the life story of Malcolm Butler and his agent Derek Simpson for producing a film titled The Secondary.

However, the player had once been arrested because he had possessed drugs at the time when he had been in the Hinds Community College. Malcolm Butler has quoted the particular phase to be life-changing, after which his career soared.

Quick summary:

Full Name: Malcolm Butler

Date of Birth: 2nd March 1990

Birth Place: Vicksburg, Mississippi, United States

Age: 27 Years Old

Profession: American footballer

Height:  5 Feet 11 Inches

Weight: 86 Kg

Net worth: $9 Million USD