Star of the golden television era, Mary Tyler Moore is an actress and producer, known for her dazzling smile and numerous awards. She stands for one of the most popular actresses in overall history of television entertainment.

Mary is best known for her role in “The Dick van Dyke Show” from the beginning of 60s. This old school diva starred in a few noticeable movies, but the television was her thing. Mary produced “The Mary Tyler Moore Show” with her second husband and their own production house. That was her major success, after which Mary didn’t manage to regain her popularity to the same level, but continued to produce and act.

She was, however, praised for her other performing actions, such as her Broadway appearances.

Mary Tyler Moore has revealed all the secrets of her true-life story, published in autobiography book “After All”, in the mid 90s. The former America’s darling didn’t spare any part of her difficult childhood days, her love life ups and downs, her career pursuit and traumatic experiences of her son’s death, the struggle with alcohol and everything else. Mary shared with us her true, touching and inspiring story, told in her own words. Mary was born in Brooklyn, New York, December 29th 1936. Her father was a clerk and Mary was raised in the strict Catholic faith.

Moore was interested in stage magic since her young age. She has first appeared as a dancer in television commercial and danced in television shows.

Her first acting role came by the end of 50s, in “Richard Diamond, Private Detective” television drama and appeared in several other shows.

Her television fame came with “The Dick van Dyke Show” in 60s. Audiences identified her with lovable Laura Petrie, the role that earned Moore Emmy awards. By the end of 60s, charming actress made several noticed appearances in movie musicals; she starred in “Thoroughly Modern Millie”, “Change of Habit” and “Run A Crooked Mile”, alongside Hollywood legends such as Elvis Presley and Julie Andrews.

Her highest entertainment industry achievement was “Mary Tyler Moore Show”, which she produced with her husband Grant Tinker and also starred in, portraying charming Mary Richard, a television producer. The show was kind of a revolutionary phenomenon of a time, portraying a young and professionally successful single woman. Mary’s company “MTM” produced series of other shows, but no other was received as the latter. Later on, Mary appeared in several television and big screen movies and made amazing Broadway performances.

A true fighter and a diva, Mary has gone through some tough times during her life. She’s gone through three marriages, a death of her son and difficulties with her alcoholic mother. Mary has also struggled with alcohol and she suffers from diabetes. However, those unfortunate events didn’t stop her to fight on and get herself out of trouble.

Mary Tyler Moore used her own experience to support the global cause of fight against diabetes, becoming one of the most popular international advocates of Juvenile Diabetes research Foundation. Life, however, wasn’t generous to former television leading actress. In recent years, she suffered more health challenges, due to her diabetes condition.

Moore continues to use her wealth and influence to raise money and awareness of the seriousness of diabetes dangers. In 2007, she established a research initiative to support advancements of new treatments and technologies for fighting against diabetes.

Quick Summary

Full Name: Mary Tyler Moore

Date of Birth: December 29th 1936

Birth Place: New York City, New York, United States

Age: 79

Profession: Actress

Height: 5ft 7in (1.7 m)

Weight: 54kg

Net Worth: $60 million