Ethan Hawke is popular and successful Hollywood actor, filmmaker and writer. He has made great career achievements in all of the mentioned fields.

He is greatly appreciated for his contribution to the vast entertainment industry empire. His works are highly praised and awarded.

Ethan made his movie realm breakthrough while in his teens, by the end of 80s. Later on, he proved his excellent writing and producing talents, publishing several novels and working in movies production in his own right.

Ethan Hawke was born in Texas, November 6th 1970. His parents were very young at the time and they have soon got divorced, so Ethan moved around the country with his mom.

Young Hawke was interested in pursuing acting career in his early childhood days. He starred in Princeton University theater, before getting his first noticed movie role in “Explorers”, in mid 80s.

His major breakthrough to Hollywood world of famous came with “Dead Poets Society”, in which he co-starred the legend of big screen, the late Robin Williams.

After this one, Hawke got a series of good roles and won the sympathies of critics and audience. Hawke proved his natural talent for acting and portraying complex and different characters.

Apart from acting, Ethan Hawke tried his screen writing skills, working on “Before Sunset” and “Before Midnight”, sequels of 1995 “Before Sunrise” in which he starred, as well.

The following movies Hawke appeared in were all quite successful, earning Ethan a great deal of money and international fame.

He starred in 2000s hits “Before the Devil Knows You’re Dead”, “Gattaca”, “Hamlet” and so on. He also made great achievements as a producer, particularly for theatre. He is also known for the two of his novels: “Ash Wednesday” and “The Hottest State”.

Hawke was married to popular “Kill Bill” star, Uma Thurman. The couple, however, separated after seven years of marriage. The split of the famous couple was followed by rumors Hawke was cheating on Uma with their nanny, whom Hawke got married to shortly after. Uma and Ethan have two children and he has two other children from his second marriage.

Ethan Hawke’s net worth is claimed to be $45 millions, coming from his great dedication to entertainment industry work. This multi talented Hollywood star earned the most of his wealth for his amazing acting talent, writing and producing skills.

Ethan is known to be a fan of well-tailored pieces of classic Parisian fashion house Dior.

Quick Summary

Full Name: Ethan Green Hawke

Date of Birth: November 6th 1970

Birth Place: Austin, Texas, United States

Age: 49

Profession: Actor, writer, director

Height: 5ft 10in (1.78 m)

Weight: 74kg

Net Worth: $45 million