This text will be very interesting and will deal with sports. It’s one of the more dangerous sports, and in this article we will pay attention to it.

Our todays text brings to you a one boxing story and a story about professional boxer who has achieved great success in this sport. We all know very well that boxing is one of the most dangerous sports and that it takes a lot of physical strength and energy to become successful in this sport. Many people have tried to become professional boxers but have given up after a short time. A professional boxer must give up many things in life and must have certain daily activities.

In addition to physical strength, it is also necessary psychic because this sport requires great readiness.

Boxing is one of the sports that are very difficult and it’s not easy for anyone to be successful in this sport. This sport is not created for every man and is very difficult because it takes a long time to learn and to train. Many people in the world think that boxing is not a good sport and does not want to watch it. But those who are fans of this sport certainly remember the man that we are talking about today.

In this text we will get acquainted with the former boxer who performed from 2001 to 2017 and his name is Miguel Cotto. He is a Puerto Rican boxer who has won many titles and has been very successful in this sport. He is the only Puertorican boxer who managed to win the title in all 4 categories.

He had many victories over his career and won many medals and titles. He has also won a large number of fans around the world and is still very popular. In his career, he has participated in many important competitions and has become one of the best boxers in the world.

During his career, he earned a large financial profit and managed to secure a great life. In this text we will tell you about his youth and his career, but we will also reveal some details from his private life.

Early Years

Miguel Ángel Cotto Vázquez was born on October 29, 1980 in Rhode Island. His parents came from Puerto Rico and they grew up in that state. Miguel was born in USA, but he never forgot the country from where he originated.

His parents met at the high school in their hometown in Puerto Rico and after finishing high school they got their first son.

After 3 years they got another son and decided to move to the Rhode Island because they did not have good living conditions in their hometown. After moving to USA, his father got his first job in a new state and wanted to offer a good life to his family.

After three years of living in Rhode Island, they got another son to whom they named Miguel. Miguel showed in childhood that he likes sports and likes physical activity. He always liked sports and learning, and he was not very interested in school.

During his early childhood, Miguel has always been better than his colegues because he was much physically more advanced than them. During the elementary school, he was much higher and thicker than his comrades, and for that reason he had great chances to be a good athlete.

In the beginning he was very interested in rugby and baseball and he wanted to deal with these sports. But when he was 10 years old, his father directed him to boxing and he decided to start training this sport.

His first club was in his city and his coach was a former boxer who won several titles in this sport. His friends, boxing colleagues and his coach thought that Miguel had a great chance to become very successful in this sport and he was one of the greatest talents in his city. When he was 15, he held his first junior fight in which he won. In the next 3 junior battles he achieved every victory and people considered him as one of the greatest junior talents.

While he was in high school, Miguel was always ready to help his friends, and for that reason he had a fight several times. After these incidents, the professors wanted Miguel to leave the school because they thought that he was violent. His friends did not want to allow this to happen and they helped Miguel to stay in school.

After this event, the situation calmed down and Miguel was no longer involved in the incidents. During the high school he had a girlfriend with whom he had been in a relationship for 2 years. Their parents defended them to be in a relationship because they thought they were different religions and that they should not be together.

They tried to stay in a relationship but after 2 years his girlfriend moved to another state and they had to stop their relationship. After this event, Miguel was very sad and disappointed and felt that he had lost the greatest love in his life. In subsequent interviews, he stated that there should never be a ban on love because it is the most beautiful thing in the world.


Miguel Cotto started his professional career in 2001 and in the first match he had a very tough opponent called John Brown. After 10 rounds of battle he managed to win in this match with the referee’s decision and this was his first big career victory.

After this victory, he continued to train and wanted to sustain a new fight in which he would show his talent and strength. After 2 months, he experienced an accident and was injured. When he left for training, he fell asleep in a car and experienced a traffic accident.

He experienced several injuries that were not very dangerous, but he had to make a break in his career and recover from injuries. After a half-year break, Miguel continued to train and schedule a new match in 2003. In this fight, Miguel defeated his opponent after the 3rd round with knockout. This was a great motivation for him because he managed to win after recovering from injury.

In 2004, Miguel applied to a Las Vegas tournament that made a big financial profit to him. This tournament was attended by several well-known boxers and Miguel had very difficult competition. In the final of this tournament he had to fight with the middleweight champion and Miguel managed to win after 7 rounds. He managed to win his first title and made his first major financial gain.

At the end of 2004, Miguel received a special invitation to take part in a new tournament in Miami and accepted this invitation. In this tournament he easily won every opponent and won a new title that brought him a lot of popularity and additional financial profit. In 2005, Miguel achieved all the victories and did not experience any defeat.

In the second half of 2005, he managed to beat the former champion in the middleweight category and won another important tournament.

In 2006, Miguel Cotto has took part in the Olympic Games qualifiers. In his decisive fight for qualifications, Miguel made several unsports moves and the judges disqualified him from the fight.

He lost the opportunity to perform for the USA at the Olympic Games, but he had dual citizenship because his parents were from Puerto Rico and he decided to perform for this country. His dreams to take part in the Olympic Games were achieved because he managed to get a chance to perform for Puerto Rico. In his first fight for this country he managed to win a victory and people considered him one of the favorites for the medal.

In the 4th round of this competition he was defeated by the Spanish boxer and his participation in the Olympic Games was over. He was very sad and disappointed and felt that judicial decisions against him were unfair and that he deserved to win.

From 2007 to 2010, Miguel Cotto held 20 professional fights in which he won 18 times and 2 times suffered defeat. In this period he managed to gain world fame and managed to make a huge financial profit. During this period, he has visited many famous TV shows and talked about his life and future plans. His last defeat was his heaviest career as he lost to a great opponent from Mexico. In 2011, he demanded a revenge against his rival from Mexico and he accepted a call for a new fight.

This match was held in New York and attracted a great deal of attention from the public. The tickets for this match were sold for one month in advance. HBO and ESPN had the live broadcast of this match and a large number of people watched him.

This fight was very interesting and exciting to the very end. After 10 rounds, the fight was interrupted and the winner had to decide by the referee’s decision. The judges declared that Miguel was the winner of this match and this was his favorite victory in his career.

After this fight, Miguel continued to defeat his opponents and in 2012 he had the opportunity to fight for the title in the middleweight category.

He managed to win in this fight and became the most successful Puertorican boxer since he won the title in all 4 categories. By 2017, he achieved all the victories and experienced 2 defeats that did not significantly affect his career.

In 2017, he decided to retire and said he had an excellent career and that he has enjoyed in every fight and that he is pleased with the achievement. In the course of his career, Miguel earned a large financial profit and managed to earn about $ 20 million.

During his career, he participated several times in humanitarian actions and donated money for humanitarian purposes. That’s why he is one of the favorite boxers in the USA and Puerto Rico.

Private Life

Miguel Cotto is married to Melissa Guzman and they have 2 daughters and one son. Miguel has another child from a previous relationship and this child was born in 2006. He and his wife are in a happy marriage, and they often travel around the world.

Miguel is active on social networks and on his Instagram profile we can see their pictures from various destinations around the world. Their children always travel with them and we can say that they are a very happy family. Miguel also founded his boxing club and several famous boxing coaches participate in his club.

He also founded a boxing club in Puerto Rico and thinks there are many good boxers in Puerto Rico that will be successful in the future. 

Quick Summary

Full Name: Miguel Cotto

Birthplace: Rhode Island, USA

Date of birth: October 29, 1980

Age: 39

Proffesion: Former Boxer

Height: 173 cm

Weight: 76 kg

Net Worth: $20 million