Chalene Johnson is an American fitness trainer, choreographer and entrepreneur known for her multitasking abillities.

Early life

She was born on February 2, 1969 in Michigan, USA. She showed signs of special  business abillities when she was 13 when she resold used vehicles to earn herself some extra money. She enrolled in The Michigan State University where she studied justice and democracy.

Career development

She worked as a paralegal for some time and started to attend a law school, but a few years later he started a fitness programme.

She started to workout to keep herself busy and in shape but she ended up hooked on it. Her first invention was the Turbokick programme and it included hip-hop, kickboxing, and combined drills. Her popularity made Bret also leave his workplace too,  because she needed help in managing bussines that grew bigger and bigger.

She sold millions of DVD’s called Turbo jam, Turbo Fire and more. She even entered the Guiness Book of World Records for the amount of fittness videos she made.

The name of her company was Team Johnson because her husband was the cofounder of this lifestyle coaching company and then she became it’s CEO.

She sold her Powder Blue Productions due to the fact she and her family became unhappy with the way their lives became .She sold Turbokick business  to BeachBody but she is still involved in it’s work.

Chalene was the New York Times bestseller novelist with her two books and the most popular was called 30 days to Turbocharged Habits. She and her husband Brett developed a PUSH journal, a planner for increasing productivity.

Personal life

She got married to Brett, a former college football player, whom she met at the Michigan University. They have two children  together, a son and a daughter, and they are now more devoted to them than ever, trying to spend as many hours they can with them.

Chalene often emphasized that she is very grateful to her mother who was also a very sucessful woman, for her support durin her teenage entrepreur days. Her mother Marge is known as one of the first Jazzercise instructors in Michigan. Chalene also has a sister, Jenelle Summers, and they are tightly connected. All three of them think family is the most valuable asset in life and it is their priority.

Philantropic work

Chalene raises funds for different charity organizations, mostly intended for kids. She gives it through selling  DVD’s and donating a part of her earned money.

She is very involved in cyber security awareness because in 2015 she was a victim of a hack attack which blocked her social media platforms such as Instagram and Twitter. This caused her to loose over $ 200 000 and, what is more important, a lot of followers because her hackers posted porn videos and animal cruelty photos.

This unfortunate event left her insecure and powerless and it took her months to recover from this personal attack. That is why she is so engaged in fight against the cyber  crime.

Quick summary

Full name: Chalene Johnson

Date of Birth: February 2,1969

Birth Place: Michigan, USA

Age: 48

Proffession: entrepeneur and a fitness guru

Height: 1,57 m

Weight: 55 kgs

Net worth: $ 5 million