Nev Schulman is a renowned actor, photographer and a famous producer. His documentary the Catfish released in the year 2010 has lots of fans. He has become the host as well as the producer of the series- The Catfish on TV.

He was born on September 26, 1984 and he is from New York City, United States. He belonged to a Jewish family. He is a Israeli American and his mother’s parents were Marvin Barasch who is the son of Abraham Barasch and Betty Klapholz and his maternal grandmother, Phyllis Putter. She was the daughter of Sidney Putter and Ruth.

He was interested in the photography right from the age of 5. In collaboration with his brother, Ariel, who is a film maker as well as an actor, Nev, at the age of 19 started a film and photography production firm. Later he was interested in the ballet dance and in 2014, he started associating his photographs to the dance form, ballet of the contemporary style.

He has also joined as a member of a Youth Committee who is working to stop the violence by spreading message on the after effects of violence. Thus he is using his fame for good cause. The fame he has obtained from his TV series helped him to get engaged to various social causes and he could easily influence the public with his fame.

Nev Schulman was the host of the documentary, The Catfish. This documentary was produced by his brother Ariel and his partner in business Henry Joost in the year 2010.

In the year 2012, he has become the producer as well as the host of Catfish: The TV Show for the MTV, partnering with the film maker, Max Joseph. In this show, he introduces those couples who fell in love online without meeting each other in person.

The story of Catfish was based on his own love story. He has romanced a girl through internet this relationship continued for a while. Later he discovered that whatever the girl has told about her is not correct.

His brother, Ariel has recorded all these incidents and later he and his friend together with Nev have created the Catfish. The MTV was inspired by this and they decided to start a show based on the thread keeping Nev Schulman as the host. This has given a good break for Nev Schulman for his career.

He has earned a lot of money through this endeavour. His net worth has increased a lot and mainly depended on the TV series, the Catfish. The series, the Catfish has now entered to it’s successful second season.

He has also studied dance for about 5 years and was interested in the photography for dance, especially the ballet form of dance which was described earlier. Nothing much is known about his parents.

He has a girl friend named Laura Perlongo. He has several nicknames like Yaniv Schulman and Yaniv Nev Schulman.

He went to the Sarah Lawrence College.

Quick Summary:

Full name: Yaniv Nev Schulman

Date of birth: 26 September, 1984

Birth place: United States

Age: 32 Years

Profession: Actor, Producer, Photographer

Height: 5 feet 9 inch

Weight: 75 Kg

Net worth: $500 thousand