If someone likes watching TV shows that deal with cars and mechanics, then Thomas Weeks is not an unfamiliar name for them. Yes, I am talking about the Thomas Weeks from Discovery Channel’s Misfit Garage.

Thomas Weeks was born and raised in Dallas, Texas. Weeks’ father was a mechanic and military officer and most of his knowledge about mechanical things, be it cars or any other, came from his father. Even though his father taught him all the tricks and bits about the parts and services of the cars, It was the buying and the subsequent selling of the car was what attracted him.

If reports about him are to be believed, Weeks bought his very first car at the mere age of twelve which was a ’57 Chevy. Well, no, don’t think that he drove the car illegally at the mere age of 12, he simply bought it, fixed all the problems with the car and they sold the car again. And it was not just that, Weeks received his pilot’s license at the age of sixteen apart from his driver’s license and it was a pretty great achievement.

Weeks never wanted to work a job and that was the main reason built a shop that dealt with building engines, painting the bodies of the car and that’s not it, he was one of the first in Dallas to start the drive-in claims. This business lasted a few times after which he sold his business to extend his passions of car trading furthermore.

Thomas started a team along with his mates  Tom Smith, Scot McMillan and Jordan Butler and they all work together in the Fired Up garage and is presently working as a presenter in the TV show on Discovery known as Misfit Garage, which is yet another spin off of the show Fast N’ Loud.

Thomas Weeks has achieved an estimated net worth of $800k.

Quick Summary:

Full name: Thomas Weeks.

Date of birth:

Birth place: Dallas, Texas.


Profession: Car trader, TV presenter.



Net worth: $800k