Nick Jenkins is an entrepreneur of British origin. He is the founder of the online greeting card company named and he is also famous for his TV series based on business entitled, the dragon series in BBC.

He was born in the year 1967, and belongs to Droitwitch Spa in United Kingdom.

He went to the Adam’s Grammer School located in Newport, Shropshire. He has attended the University of Birmingham. He has obtained degree in literature. He returned in 1998 to UK for pursuing his studies in MBA from the Cransfield University.

He was nicknamed as Moonpig in his school days. He has named his online greeting card business as Moonpig. Later in the year 2011, he has sold his Moonpig.

He is also actively engaged in the charity activities too.

Moonpig was a business on online customized greeting cards. The online business was launched in the year 2000 July. The company had grabbed about 90 percent of the online greeting card business in United Kingdom. More than six millions of cards were shipped from UK. The website contained wide choices for the card designs and the visitors to the site could chose from a wide variety of cards. They were free to enter their personalized wordings in those greeting cards.

It has taken 5 long years for Nick Jenkins to obtain good amount of profit from his online business. He has sold his company to for 120 million Euros. This was just after the website; reached number 3 in the Profit Track100 of the Sunday Times.

He has studied Russia literature from the University and had plans to join the army, Later changed his mind as the political situations changed. He had worked as a trader in commodity for about 8 years in Moscow. His business venture came into existence after few days of completing his MBA. From the year 2008, he had been actively investing money in various small scale businesses. He mainly focuses on the internet based short ventures as well as technology related ventures.

He is now a part of the Impact Venture’s investment panel which is involved in the investment in the social bodies for finding a solution to the issues concerning the society.

As cited earlier, he is also an active member of various charity works. He acts as a trustee for the Educational venture of charity Ark. He is also involved in the Shivia. This charity venture is involved in helping lots of poor families in West Bengal. He helps in improving their living conditions by start-ups.

Nick Jenkins has an estimated net worth of about 150 million Euros. He has joined the reality TV series, Dragon’s Den in the year 2015. The series Dragon’s Den is an interesting show which showcases the experiences of the investors who were there in business for a long time. We have opportunity to find lots of great people from this series. After selling his Moonpig to the, his net worth has hiked to a great extend.

Quick Summary:

Full name: Nick Jenkins

Date of birth: 1967

Birth place: Droitwitch Spa in United Kingdom

Age: 49 years

Profession: Entrepreneur

Height: 1.75 m

Weight: 75 Kg

Net worth: 150 million Euros