Elizabeth Gillies is an actress from the United States of America who became a singer later, after noticing her talent while singing in some of her most famous shows. She is often called Liz Gillies and she started out on TV, doing small gigs and commercials.

She first appeared in an American TV drama called The Black Donnellys and it was in 2007. She didn’t get major recognition until Nicelodeon spotted her and they decided that she shall be Jade West of the new show they were creating in a timespan from 2010 to 2013: Victorious. This is the show where she got very famous and later on got a leading role in a comedy series called Sex & Drugs & Rock & Roll.

In 2017, she got a role in a famous series called Dynasty and she portrays the role of Fallon Carrington. This TV series is a soap opera, but it is a recreation of the previous version from the 1980s.

Besides acting on TV, she is known for her work on Broadway. She started out there when she was only 15 and her first musical was 13. Later she was in movies such as Animal from year 2014 and Vacation from year 2015.

Early years

Many people call her Liz Gillies, the media refers to her as Elizabeth Gillies, but her full name is actually Elizabeth Egan Gillies and she was born in year 1993 on date July 26th. Her birthplace is Haworth in New Jersey.

She grew up with hey younger brother who was born 3 years after her. She has various random genes because her parents have ancestors from all over the world. She is part Irish and part Italian because of it.

Career development

Her interest for acting began at a very early age because she used to watch her favorite TV shows and act out different scenes. Her parents realized that it may be a good idea to help her kickstart her career and she started to go to different castings.

Soon she acted in the Virgin Mobile commercial and it was her breakthrough in front of the camera.

She started her TV work in a show called The Black Donnellys. She didn’t have any major role, she just appeared in three episodes and that was it. However, at that age she wasn’t even meant to be in a show of the kind since she was very young and couldn’t watch it because of the mature content.

In 2008, she got a few roles in new gigs: The Clique, Harold and so on. However, that year she focused more on her work with a famous producer called Jason Robert Brown since he created a musical called 13. She played there as a character called Lucy and that was where she met Ariana Grande.

Ariana was there to sing too, and little did the girls know that later they will be acting together for a fine period of time. 13 was so successful that it had reached Broadway and this was pretty cool because it was the first show of the kind to be made only with teen cast. She got the honor of playing the musical all the way to the beginning of 2009 when it stopped to air.

In 2010, she got a role that changed her life forever and it was the role of Jade West, a tough girl in love with the character of Avan Jogia. It was in a show by Nickelodeon and the show was called Victorious. The whole show was a comedy about a teenage friend group that are trying to become famous at an art school in Hollywood. All of them have some sort of talent and they are trying to pursue their careers while still having fun since they are young.

Elizabeth already knew Ariana Grande so it was easier for her to get used to the crew. She said that Jade was easily one of the best things that ever happened to her since she loved playing the role. Gillies says that it’s a character seen in many different scenarios: with her boyfriend, with her “enemies” in school, being tough and being sweet.

Besides making the actual show, she had to record a few songs for the official show albums that were also the soundtracks (Victorious and Victorious 2). She said that it was pretty hard to sometimes differ herself from Jade since they had such similar passions.

She made Give It Up with her previously known friend Ariana Grande, later made Take a Hint with the main star of the show: Victoria Justice.

Elizabeth did not only act, but also gave voice to various characters on Nickelodeon. Her favorite was Daphne from the Winx Club and she had to make the song for the whole season’s soundtrack: We are Believix.

She was also in Big Time Rush and had much fun spending time with Kendall, James, Logan and Carlos. Gillies said that making content on Nickelodeon was often much more than just making the show: it was fun and she met many of her friends.

In 2012, she started to act outside of Nickelodeon and was in White Collar, The Exes, Jawbreaker and so on. Also, she made some music projects, one with Ariana Grande for her Christmas EP.

2014 was also great since she was in Animal, a scary movie. It was her first movie of the kind and therefore she was very happy that she is getting into other genres too.

In 2015, she got the role of Heather in Vacation, but not the original. It was a remake. Later a comedy series producer wanted her in Sex & Drugs & Rock & Roll. She played the role of Gigi, she was supposed to be a singer in making whose father used to be a rock star and she is trying to become famous without always being the “famous man’s daughter”. Elizabeth, once again, said that it was very hard for her to differ herself from the role, but she hadn’t connected to it the way she connected with Jade.

2017 brought Dynasty to her and she acted as Fallon Carrington in this remake of an old series. It was a great experience for her to keep growing in acting.

Personal life

During her career in Victorious, there was a rumour that after the show she stayed very well connected with Matt Bennett and later they even claimed that the couple was together, but this hadn’t been confirmed by anyone.

However, later when she started to act in different series, she met Michael Corcoran,a singer. They were seen together many times and many people think that she is still in a relationship with him.

Her fans were very angry because they thought she and Matt were a couple after so many Instagram posts about them, but as it turns out, they weren’t that close.

She had many “relationships” during her teens and some of them were the famous Avan Jogia who was her boyfriend on the show and therefore it was speculated that they really fell in love. However, many people claim that he is dating Victoria Justice, the main actress in the show and therefore Liz’s enemy. This made some controversy.

In 2011 she was dating logan Miller, but it was not a serious relationship.

She comes from a very supportive family and it is very cool that she hasn’t got any connections in the music or acting industry, yet she managed to suceed in it even without pulling any strings to get some special roles that she wanted. It was all her hard work and dedication along with her parent’s support that she always had.

Quick summary

Full name: Elizabeth Egan Gillies

Date of birth: July 26th 1993

Birthplace:  Haworth, New Jersey, the United States of America

Age: 25

Profession: singer, producer, actress

Height: 170 cm

Weight: 60 kg

Net Worth: $3 million