NoahJ456 is a successful vlogger who has when famous in the world of games. No is a prominent gamer who has his own YouTube channel and is well known for uploading the latest video games.

He not only makes his channels steamed with popular games but also involves other topics for discussion. His net worth is estimated somewhere around $1.2 million. He is quite successful in his career and updates his account on a regular basis.

Early life

Noah was born in the year 1994 in the United States in the month of October. She was born on the 17th day of October in the city of Texas. Noah has no details about his early childhood, and no such information is presently there about his academic career. He is into the gaming industry since his teenage days. He started off with his YouTube channel for uploading the latest video games and knew that this would fetch him a lot of fame and prosperity.

Other than YouTube Noah has made his videos get uploaded in the other well-known platforms like Twitch. He launched his channel on YouTube in the year 2010 and son got popular with his postings on his Instagram account. He’s even active with his Twitter updates. Noah has been chosen as the most active social influencer who has a huge number of followers who eagerly waits for his latest updates. Very little information is there about his early childhood and his upbringing. It is assumed that Noah must have attained his academic courses in some reputed institution in the city of Texas.


Noah is popular with his fans for his significant and brilliant performances in the latest video games namely “Call of Duty” and the most wanted game Grand Theft Auto games. He is a popular and wanted internet sensation who is involved in the posting of different categories of games starting from light and funny to hardcore educational gaming segments. He came up with many other posts like the series of the Division and Dying Light.

He also came up with the game titled Destiny. Noah’s other popular ventures where Minecraft and Bioshock. Recently he came up with another game version named Garry’s Mod. Noah soon achieved a view count of almost 300000 followers and went on launching yet another YouTube channel that was promoted via his Instagram account and continuous tweets.Noah is extraordinarily active in the various social networking platforms and has an enormous and long list of followers who are regular with his game updates and comments upon his pictures that he posted on his Instagram account.

Noah is helped by his sister Emma, who is also a brilliant YouTuber and plays a crucial part in making his unique videos.  Is unique creation along with his sister has made him quite popular among his followers? Noah often posts photos and captures some of the special moments and shares in his Instagram account  that make him receive a considerable amount of views made his net worth cultivate such strength. Emma being Noah’s only sister has an immense contribution to making his brother have Sachin net worth and make him get a life with much popularity and fame. He has declared in many of his interviews that he had been able to continue with his gaming profession only because of his sister’s support and inspirational ideologies.

Presently NoahJ456 has 420 million subscribers, and he earns $1300 dollars every single day. Is quiet and successful YouTuber and has made huge revenue by selecting the profession of a gamer unlike moving into the academic world. Presently he is not only pursuing the gaming profession but also into online T-shirt business. He has made twitch a prominent source of revenue and gets his videos uploaded there to make people view them and post their comments for the required upgradation.

He is involved in uploading his videos almost each and every hour in a single day and has been considered the ultimate king online Gamers. Some of his popular gaming videos include Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, League of Legends and the most intriguing one being Minecraft.

Personal life

No is quite an open-minded person who elucidates his personal life frankly without keeping any restrictions. The 22 years old gamer has a beautiful girlfriend named Martina who often appears in his Instagram videos. They spotted together in several public events and has been quietly successful in their joint ventures.

Quick summary:

Full Name: Noah J

Date of Birth: 17th October 1994

Birth Place: Texas, United States of America

Age: 23 years old

Profession:  YouTube Star

Height: 5 Feet 9 inches

Weight: 64 kg

Net worth: $1.2 million