Jazz Jennings is a young girl of 17 years from South Florida who was born to Jeannette and Greg Jennings as a male child. Her parents came to know about her opinion of being a woman soon after Jazz attained the age for taking her own decisions. Belonging to a Jewish conservative family life was quite difficult for Jazz.

The American teenager is been famous for making several YouTube videos, the most popular being “I am Jazz.” Jazz is bold enough to deal with the problem of teenage transgender, which are made to choose the gender against their choice. Already within such a short span of time Jazz has been capable of making a considerable amount of net worth amounting to $ 200 thousand. The amount is quite an impressive amount of consideration the age of the American YouTube beauty.

Early life

Jazz Jennings is known to her parents as Jared. Her upbringing was in a Jewish family. Her place of birth was South Florida. She was born to Greg and Jeanette Jennings who were later known to be quite supportive parents. The two people to whom Jazz was born are of determined mentality they are quite supportive and has never let Jazz feel down for her complication.

Jared was brought up along with an elder sister named Ari Jennings and two elder brothers who are twins, Griffin and Sanders. In the year 2004, Jared’s parents started talking seriously about her critical complication on being diagnosed with a gender disorder, and finally, she accepted the feminine identity.

When Jared reached the age of six, her parents started of discussing seriously the several challenges that the young girl would have to face while dealing with the outside world. They knew the complication that a transgender child has to face, but this did not put them down rather they were prepared to win against the odds and make their child live a happy life.

She had always got her parents standing beside her during the crisis situations. Jared from her early childhood days started appearing in several television shows as a bold transgender personality and gradually with the passing of time she became known to people for her charming and vivacious nature. She started off dealing with the transgender reform activities and also cultivated interest in writing articles related to the contemporary issue of transgender identity.


Her career started off with the foundation of the Transkids Purple Rainbow. This organization was founded to help all the transgender kids. She was able to take the initiation only because of her parents who were quite involved with her while laying the foundation stone of the association. Soon after she appeared in a documentary film titled “I am Jazz, A family in Transition for Oprah Winfrey Network.”

She soon moved on with an initiation to establish the Purple Rainbow Tails, a company that would make the robbers involved in making the mermaid tails. The income she received from this organization was kept reserved for helping the transgender children. She knew the pain of identity crisis and so tried her level best to stand beside the unfortunate children who are not fortunate enough to get parents like Jeannette and Greg.

She also served as a model of two popular brands namely, Jonson & Jonson and Clean and Clear face wash. Besides she is a popular spokesmodel and an eminent YouTube personality. She is a prominent activist for the LGBT community and plays a crucial and influential role. She is a regular face in the Television series “I am Jazz.”

Personal life

Jazz is presently single, but she has given a ray of hope to her parents that one getting the right match she would surely get into a commitment. She is frank enough to say that her future partner man to be supportive of her gender and needs to be a good man by heart and mind.

She is not dating anyone presently but is in search of the right man.

Quick summary:

Full Name:  Jazz Jennings.

Date of Birth: 6th October 2000.

Birth Place: Florida, United States of America.

Age: 17 years

Profession: YouTube personality.

Height: 5.2 feet.

Weight: 48 kg.

Net worth: $ 200 thousand