Kalel Cullen whose real name is Kristen Smith is a famous YouTuber from the United States of America. She has basically known for her beauty vlogging abilities and known to people for her relationship with the famous personality Anthony Padilla. Her pleasing personality makes her liked by all, and this makes her get followed by an uncountable number of people.

Her net worth is estimated to be somewhere around $ 900 thousand.

Early life

Not much is known about Kalel Cullen’s early life and except her birth date and the country to which she belongs. She is a young YouTube Vlogger and is a beauty advisor. Only this much is known that her birth name is not Kalel Cullen but Kristen Smith. During her childhood days, she was a complete movie buffer and had almost n movie left to be seen.

She is very innocent and still likes to watch the episodes of Superman. In fact, from her childhood diaries, it was recovered that she was a crazy fan of the superhero. Rather being an ardent fan of the superhero, she decided upon changing her name to a unique name Kalel. Kelel presently operates 6 different YouTube Channels but focuses mainly on one she is very dedicated to her work and is quite serious with her posts on YouTube.


In the initial days of his career, Kalel used to operate only 2 YouTube Channel. She started off with the other 4 channels after dating the famous YouTube star Anthony Padilla who regularly appeared in Smosh Channel. : Queen Beauty. She soon came up with another set of channel and names it KalenCullen TV. In this channel, she posts all about beauty tips, advice about lifestyles, and various other vlogs and tutorial videos.

She is very particular about her uploading and acts according to the public’s interests. She is very interactive with her followers and meets the demand of his fellow subscribers. She can be easily compared with the other set of experienced YouTube stars that has a net worth of a bit higher count that Kalel. The YouTube Stars are Trisha Payta, Ryan Higa, and Sssniperwolf.

Kalel’s next channel was bannered as Cozplai. She creatively thought about designing her themes as segmented them as cosplay costume tutorials. In this show, she was into using her favorite theme of costume that her favorite character has chosen to be upon.

On uploading this video, she had achieved a subscription to almost 100,000. But soon she had to shut down this popular channel of hers as she was unable to manage all her updates and it was becoming quite tuff for her to handle all the issue alone without any assistance.

Without much delay, Kalel opened a new channel WonderlandWardrobe to demonstrate he videos on fashion and the latest trends. At the very start, she gathers around 400,000 subscribers which is a quite reasonable response.

Personal life

Kalel relationship with Anthony had played quite a crucial role in building up her career. Soon after the initial proceedings, Kalel came up with another unique vlog channel along with her boyfriend Anthony Padilla, the star of the famous Smosh Channel.

On releasing of this new channel Duo-vlog channel, the couple had hit about 17 million followers that were considered a record in the history of followers count. But soon the couple had a breakup. Kalel has been spotted with Cyprus Jannat.

Quick summary:

Full Name: Kristen Smith

Date of Birth: March 30, 1989

Birth Place: United States of America.

Age: 28 years.

Profession: YouTube Star.

Height: 5.31 feet

Weight: NA

Net worth: $ 900 thousand