Nyle Dimarco is an American model who has acted in movies and a dedicated activist for the awareness of the deaf people. It is always felt that differently able people can never match up with their normal counterpart, but Nyle Dimarco has proved all wrong. Much to the amazement, he is the role model for many and an indomitable talent who rules the world of fashion and passion with the same matchless dexterity.

He has converted his weakness as his strength and flourished in the modeling world of glamour. A mathematics graduate has really played some fantastic roles in movies. So far the model turned actor with his hard work has gathered $600. 000.

Early life

Nyle has a rare wide and proud family background. Nyle and Nico are the twin brother born in a multigenerational family of the deaf. Neal Thompson is his father, and Donna Dimarco is the name of his mother. Actually previously Nyle has Thompson as his surname which he changed with the maiden name of his mother and became Nyle Dimarco. Nyle and Nico are born when Neal was already there as twins elder brother. The family had a deaf genetic history, and Nyle too followed the same.

He was born on 8th May 1989 in Queens, New York City, United States of America. Nancy Crone and Charles Thompson were his paternal grandparents. Nyle maternal grandfather was Charles Lorenzo Dimarco who born in America, but Lorenzo’s father Thomas Dimarco had Italian nationality. His maternal grandmother was Janet Ruth Campbell has Canadian link in her genealogy.

Nyle had his childhood in Frederick, Maryland where he had his schooling in Maryland School for the Deaf. After completing education in the school he went to Gallaudet University, the only arts university for the deaf to be a Bachelor of Arts in mathematics. ASL or the American Sign Language is his language of expression, and it’s quite normal being a good student he is keen in nonverbal communication and lip reading.


Nyle appeared with the main role in ‘In The Can’ a production by American Sign Language Films in 2013. Then on the Freedom Network, he was cast for Garrett Banducci in the film ‘Switched at Birth .’

Before the producer of America’s Next Top Model gave him a call through the social media in 2015 Nyle was busy as a freelance model. His deafness was not known. He got into the final and became the winner after defeating Mamé Adjei. Being the only deaf contestant, he was only the second male winner. The life of the model got a new dimension. You need to perform once to make the world cry for you. In New York City, Wilhelmina Models contacted and signed him just after his success in the competition.

By 2016 Nyle was already a celebrity, and it was declared that he would be seen in ‘Dancing with the Stars .’ In the contest, he partnered Peta Murgatroyd, and the duo won the season 22.

He got a busy schedule in 2016 when he was seen in ‘Difficult People’ a Hulu comedy program. In the same year, he appeared in ‘Basically over You’ a music video by Alex Newell. In June he walked at Milan Fashion Week for Georgio Armani. In the same year under Dinh Ha Uyen Thu, he performed in ‘Big Girls Don’t Cry,’ another music video.

He had founded Nyle Dimarco Foundation in 2016 which works to give resources to deaf children. He is the spokesman for LEAD-K. He has also contributed in ASL apps.

Personal life

He declared himself to be a fluid when interviewed by out magazine. Nyle Dimarco is having a relationship with Brittany Rose Williams since 2009. Lacey Rogers is another name in the life of this high profile model.

The success of this icon reveals that he is very sincere and focused on his assignments and don’t feel good to disclose every bit of private life to the public.

He feels the role of deaf should be played by any deaf only. The model never considered himself to be less privileged because of his deafness rather he sees the silent world as a real advantage particularly in his career where you need to convey your feelings only through your gestures. Any genius would react as Nyle.

Mathematics also requires a tremendous and prodigious focus on the subject. Here we can easily deduce that Nyle instead of being depressed got encouraged from his inadequacy. Perhaps no wise would argue that to be a success you should give away all your egos which is perhaps unknowingly followed by the model-actor.

Quick summary:

Full Name: Nyle Dimarco

Date of Birth: 8th May, 1989

Birth Place: Queens, New York, USA

Age: 28 years

Profession: Model Actor

Height: 6.3 feet /

Weight: NA

Net worth: $600,000