Lira Mercer, widely known with the name Lira Galore, has been an outstanding dancer; she is also an eminent model featuring the hip-hop pattern of dancing.

She is also a prominent public figure who is followed by almost 3.4 million people who waits to view her daily posts updated in her Instagram account. She got signed with Facet Studio for her modeling abilities, and she was also there as co-anchor hosting a Lingerie Party organized by the Facet studio.

That very next year, she was selected as a new face in the hip-hop model magazines and was nominated for the BET Hip Hop Awards being co-associated with the American rapper, Rick Ross, and during that achievement, the lira was in a relationship and engaged with the rapper. In September 2016, she was highlighted in the much popular reality show OWN’s reality television program, ‘Iyanla: Fix My Life,’ in which she opened her heart to the viewers and shared some misfortunes she experienced during her upbringing.

She shared some of her personal stories like about her father who was not physically present to raise her and get on her need in her early childhood. It is only through this popular follow-up series, the program producer was thoughtful enough to bring  her father Terrence for outright live on-screen confessions, the meeting  of the father and the daughters his daughter ultimately led to a confrontation,  but still, the long-suppressed aggression was somewhat reduced to some extent.

Through social networks especially from the daily updates and post in her Instagram account her best friend names Amber Rose and Blac Chyna. These people are much associated with her, and they are the people with whom she likes to spend her leisure.  She is very particular in choosing friends and Amber, and Blac is perhaps are to be listed among the luckiest people.

Early life

Through “Fix My Life” which came out in September last year Galore had expressed about her family and childhood. In expressing about her childhood, she had realized that she was too young and immature for the proper upbringing of their child. Her father refused to accompany the child as he married another lady and preferred to be called as a father from their issue.

Her childhood was totally disarrayed; she had even avoided undesirable pregnancy by abortion.  Slowly she went to the world of no hope and desperate lifestyle. All these lead her to become an exotic dancer. For some time she even wore the costumes of a stripper. She never liked the life of a stripper and preferred to give pose in front of the camera.


Slowly she started performing for some celebrity hip-hop rapper as she came in contact with Meek Mill. As any individual love to be known by people, she got into Instagram and posted her sensuous images. This turned her life as with the passage of time the followers of social media started showing interest in her exotic poses.

In 2014 she became a much-wanted glamour model and offered herself for Hip Hop Weekly Magazine. From then she was a regular face among the celebrities and flashes of media camera became a common feature. She got involved with Rick Ross, the rapper who proposed her in 2015.

Personal life

Slowly many celebrities got into her life, to name few Rick Ross, Drake and Justin Bieber. In 2016 she reported her engagement with Rick Ross as “toxic.” She suffered as she disclosed her days as a stripper on Twitter. In XXL magazine she explained that in her early days she would have been crying as someone proposed but when Ross come up with the proposal she cannot believe, and as any lady would appreciate the recognition, she was extremely delighted.

She wanted to be a rich person, and then bought her first car she was in her high spirit. For the very obvious reason, she had learned the life in her struggling and observed how money comes and go. She had only interest left to go high as much as she can with hard labor and dedication.

Quick summary:

Full Name: Lira Galore

Date of Birth: 31 August 1993

Birth Place: Houston, Texas

Age: 24 years

Profession: Hip-hop dancer

Height: 1.52 meter

Weight: N/A

Net worth: $300,000