Rachel Reynolds is an American reality TV personality and a successful model. She is widely famous for her role in the TV show ‘The Price is Right.’

Her net worth has been evaluated to be somewhere around $2.5 million.

Early Life

Rachel Reynolds was born to her parents in Louisiana, USA on 4th November 1982 in Mandeville. Before coming to the spotlight, she used to go by the name Rachel Reynolds Dellucci. Reynolds grew up in New Orleans. Before she struck the celebrity fortune, Rachel attended Louisiana State University; this was before she entered the world of showbiz and modeling. Extended details about her childhood or her family have not been well documented by the paparazzi.

One of her nicknames is ‘Rach’; she likes to use this particular nickname a lot.


The standing out point of her career is the role of a new crop from the show ‘Baker’s Beauties’ and from ‘Carey’s Cuties.’

Reynolds rose to fame with being one of the finalists in the 2002 competition of searching a new face to take on the spot of Brooke Burke to fill the place of the anchor in the show ‘Wild On!’ During the course of the show, new has it that she absent-mindedly smashed a brand new car during the shooting of the show ‘The Price is Right’. In the show, this was the first ever noted car crash.

In early 2004, Rachel Reynolds was rumored, quite correctly, to have taken care of the car for the duration of the shoot of Lucky Seven, a pricing game which included smashing a car’s bumper to some door. About Rachel’s involvement to show, Bob Barker, recollects that she was the second of all the models who did successfully bump the car to the door, apart from her, Janice Pennington became the first model who dragged a car during the shoot of Lucky Seven and successfully smashed it to the destined bumper. Barker seems to be more proud of Rachel than any other contenders.

Rachel Reynolds became a firm member of ‘The Price is Right’ family at the very end of their season 31. She debuted in the show at the position of Barker’s beauty which ran from a stretch of 6th June to June 18th; there were a total of 9 episodes. She was a show regular when the season 32nd started.

Reynolds is also known for her modeling career which was a gig before her days in ‘The Price is Right.’ Under her modeling career, she has worked extensively for VENUS Swimwear. She was also one of the models to work for the domestic cover of the Fitness RX. Her career boasts her work with Mr. Drew Carey for the programme, ‘The All New Price is Right’ which was broadcasted in the CBS-TV from a stretch of 2009 and is still going strong.

Rachel Reynolds has also taken the position of Tiffany Coyne on the show ‘Let’s Make a Deal.’ She is still going strong in the 41st season of that show.

On the show, Rachel was characterized as a ‘strong competition’ with Amber Lancaster. The specific episode of the show marks on February 5th, 2015. The whole outcome was surrounded by when Rachel had exhibited for a bid prize and also for photos involving Amber, Drew Carey and herself.

Reynolds was framed to be the antagonist during an argument where she casually bragged about having a wider outreach as compared Amber. On a happy note, Rachel Reynolds is a fixed part of The Price is Right as she has the reputation of lasting the 42 seasons of the show. In the history of The Price is Right, she comes first as a long-term working model and is likely to pull a curtain over the epic of Holly Hallstrom.

Personal Life

During the show premiere of the 41st season of ‘Let’s Make a Deal,’ Rachel Reynolds was heavily publicised when she broke the news of her expecting her first child.

February 13th marks as her wedding anniversary. On her third anniversary, she also became the proud mother of a beautiful daughter whom she named Ruby. She is a proud parent of her daughter with the love of her life, David Dellucci She also introduced the world with her gorgeous gem through Skype during the Mother’s Day episode of the show ‘The Price is Right’ that was aired on May 10th, 2013.

Quick Summary

Name: Rachel Reynolds

Date of Birth: November 4th, 1982

Birth Place: Mandeville, Louisiana, USA

Age: 35 years

Profession: Model, Reality star

Height: 1.73 m

Weight: 64 kg

Net worth: $2.5 million