This topic will give you a story about the types of art that are popular throughout the world. Our texts are full of interesting information and it is sure that you will learn some new things.

In this theme, today we will pay attention to a particular type of art and we will try to show you the information you may not have known up to now.

If we ignore specific types of art, our life will be empty and it will make no sense. Art is something special that gives power to every human being to be different from the rest. There are different types of art in the world.

Music is among people from the beginning of humanity and music has always given joy and peace to all people. Music is for joy and for happiness but it also helps us in situations when we are sad and disappointed.

That’s why music has always been amongst us and different musical styles have developed throughout history.

Nowadays, we can find many different types of music, and each person has his favorite genre. Our current theme is dedicated to rap music and today we will describe this kind of music and a rapper who gained popularity in the world of this music.

When we talk about rap music, it was created during the 80s in America and in the beginning this music belonged to the Black people. They created this direction of music and in the coming years this music became popular throughout the world. Rap music has always been controversial and in these songs the rappers have expressed their emotions and their own personal opinion.

Many parents advised their children not to listen to this kind of music because it is violent and does not bring good and positive messages.

In the coming years this music became more and more popular, and in the present time rap music is one of the most popular music genres in the world. Today there are many rappers who have different styles and who send different messages to the audience.

Also in the present time there are different directions of rap music and in today’s theme we will try to describe to you the rapper and poet and spoken word artist who is popular around the world.

His artistic name is Prince Ea and he has managed to make success in music as well as in several other types of art. He started his career as a career in 2008 and succeeded in making success in the US.

Prince Ea also performed many times on television and also participated in several films. There have been many interesting situations throughout his career and we will introduce you to his career and his life in this text.

Early Years

Prince Ea or Richard Williams was born on September 16, 1988 in St Louis, Missouri, USA. Richard grew up in this town and lived there with his parents who were trying to provide him with everything that he needed. He has always been a talented boy who has shown talent for literacy and poetry since early childhood. He has always been trying to be a good student and a good son and his parents have always been proud of him.

During elementary school he was not interested in sports but he had excellent grades and showed great knowledge. During elementary school he started to play rap music and wrote his songs. Richard immediately showed that he had talents for this music because he was great in writing songs. His first songs were at the amateur level but in the later period he managed to create professional songs that left a positive impression on the rap audience.

At the beginning of high school, Richard met a friend who liked rap music too. They recorded several common songs but they later separated. During high school, Richard continued to show knowledge and achieved great success in literature. He participated in several school competitions and managed to win several awards. His professors thought that Richard was very talented and had a great talent for writing songs.

After graduating from high school, Richard managed to make a connection with several famous rappers and in that period he started to build a music career. After the first song he started to gain popularity, and in the coming period, Prince Ea has been working with many well-known rappers.

His songs became popular in the USA and he decided to make a professional career. Prince Ea has not made public problems and he has always been a quiet and exemplary guy. When he made the first profit of rap music he decided to give all the money to his parents.


Prince Ea began her career when he started recording amateur songs but these songs did not gain popularity.

At the beginning he wanted to deal with rap music from the hobby but in the coming period he realized that he had a great talent for this type of music. After graduating from high school he managed to make contact with several famous rappers and started recording at a professional level. Prince Ea was very much appreciated in his town and he was able to gain popularity at the start and people thought that his songs were great.

Prince Ea started his professional career in 2008 when he recorded his first song in the studio. This song has achieved a lot of popularity on the Internet and this song has enabled him to make a rap career. After this song, he has worked with several famous rappers from LA and Chicago who helped him to improve his rap career. In 2009, he recorded a song after a real event when his friend stole money from the bank and this song has reached great popularity on the Internet in all over the world.

After this song he recorded his first mix tape that was containing 10 songs and this mix tape was ranked 15th among the most popular in the USA. At the end of 2010, he recorded his first album, which ranks 17th among the top 100 albums in the USA.

After this period, Prince Ea stated that he has a great motivation to keep recording rap songs and that he will be much more productive in the future. He is one of the rappers who have a great prospect of advancing in the future and it is certain that he will succeed in making even more success.

Personal Life

Prince Ea has always been an exemplary guy and an excellent rapper and lyricist. He never made public incidents and he has always wanted to become a successful man. Prince Ea is very active on social networks and he has over 800,000 followers on its profiles.

He still lives in his hometown and says that he loves his city very much. Prince Ea has said that he plans to record a new album in the coming period that will delight all his fans. In his career Richard earned about $ 3 million and managed to make a good financial profit.

Quick Summary

Full Name: Richard Williams

Birthplace: St Louis, Missouri, USA

Date of birth: September 16, 1988

Age: 31

Profession: Rapper, Poet

Height: 186 cm

Weight: 80 kg

Net Worth: $3 million