Shaggy is an American-Jamaican rapper and musician and an eminent Disc Jockey(DJ) who hails from the city of Kingston, West Indies. He is an excellent and fabulous artist who has been certified with platinum as well as a gold degree. The rapper’s first hit was titled “Bombastic,” and the other one was “It Wasn’t Me.” He rose to fame being successful after the release of his smash hit single “Oh Carolina.” He is known to people by his unique nickname “Shaggy Rogger.” Though his eminent personality shares a name of a cartoon character, he has worked hard to establish his efforts.

He has been quite successful in making himself get established with a wonderful and fabulous music career as well a worthwhile military career.  He has gained enough knowledge while working in different fields.  His net worth is estimated to be around 12 million dollars.

Early life

Orville Richard Burell is the birth name of Shaggy, who was born on 22nd October 1968. He was brought up in the city of Kingston, Jamaica, West Indies. He was only seven years old when he started having interest in taking music lessons. It was in the year 1987; he professionally decided to took music as his career. His mother hailed from Jamaica, but he never knew much about his father. Though he was brought up by his mother, most of his childhood memories were with his grandmother. Shaggy liked to stay with his grandmother as she was much softer and humble natured than her mother.

His mother was very stubborn and rigid. When he was only 18 years of age, he shifted to Brooklyn along with his family, New York. He soon became a street singer and started taking on lessons to become a master in the professional arena.  Soon he joined the United States MarineCorps to serve during the Gulf War. He was famous among his colleagues as he used to often sing for providing entertainment and release the monotony of the work.


Shaggy is a commercially famous artist whose efforts are appreciated even in the national as well as international markets.  He is known broadly for his popular hit albums that avoided the genre of the dancehall songs and was based on the genre of typical party anthems. He was often compared to hip-hop artists like Puff Daddy.  Soon he became famous to known among the prominent reggae singers whose hit singles and pop numbers are highlighted and enlisted at the top of the U. S charts under the Billboard category.  While Shaggy was eighteen years of age, he joined his mother to stay in Brooklyn and started to give excellent performances with the help of a Jamaican sound system named Gibraltar Musik.

Soon he came up with a steady income. He came up with his debut single album titled “Bullet Proof Buddy.” He was he got associated with Don One’s small label production titled “Big Hood,” “Duppy or Uglyman.” He also worked with the eminent producer Lloyd “Spiderman” Campbell. He got himself connected with Shaun Piizzona who is an eminent DJ as well as and Sting engineer. Shaggy made out all his professional requirements at Philip Smart’s recording studio. When he came up with “Mampie,” people appreciated his efforts, and it became an instant hit number and was quite liked by the New York reggae fans.  Then he came up with another follow-up album titled “Big Up.” He collaborated with the Brooklyn singer named Rayvon and took an attempt to make a duet number.

He had to return to a military career during the time of Operation Desert Storm. Unfortunately, he had to leave his music career for almost five months and travel to Kuwait for serving the country and giving value to his designation. After returning to his hometown, Shaggy got associated with the famous Folkes Brothers and came up with the hit number “Oh Carolina.” It was also picked up by the United States because of excessive overseas promotional. The hit number even raised high on the British Pop Hit Charts.  It was not at all accepted by U. S fans thought it was included as a soundtrack in Sharon Stone’s film “Silver.”  He came up with some of the single gospels like “Soon to be Done” and the “Nice and Lovely.”

He came up with a duet number “Maxi Priest.” “One More Chance” was an excellent attempt to make him get a chance to record his debut album “Lure Pleasure.” He soon went into an agreement with the Virgin Records.  He came out with a collection of all his singles titled “Original Doberman” that also covered all his earlier recordings.  Finally, he went for conquering the U. S Billboard charts by releasing his next album “Boombastic.” The title track got sold over 1 million copies and also conquered the number 1 position under the category of the R&B Top 10 number.  He was successful in receiving the Grammy under the category of Best Reggae Album.

Shaggy was fine enough to receive the awards one after the other and traveled extensively after releasing the hit album “Maxi Priest.” He came up with “That Girl” and soon came up with a melodious solo number in the year 1997 titled “Midnight Lover.”  He then came up with a typical dancehall version produced by “Big Brother & the Holding Company’s “Piece of My Heart” that was recorded along with his duet partner Marsha.  But the duet album could not capture the attention of the US crowd and declared to be an absolute failure, but it achieved an immense success on an international level.

Soon he moved with some of the movie soundtracks that made him gain immense public attention. He went for appearing in a duet number with Janet Jackson titled “Luv Me, Luv Me” that was followed by the rhythm of the soundtrack titled “How Stella Got Her Grooves Back.” His solo number “Hope” in the segment of “For Love of the Game” was highly appreciated. Soon enough he went for releasing “Hot Shots,” that was considered to be a leading single solo number.  In 2002 he came up with “Mr. Lover Lover: The Best of Shaggy.” Then he came up with yet another release “Lucky Day” that was a perfect tribute to the power of womanhood. The album consisted of two single numbers titled “Strength of a Woman” and “Hey Sexy Lady.”

In 2005, he came up with the release of “Clothes Drop” and kept the level as Geffen Label. Shaggy’s hit numbers dominated the crowd and got addicted to his video in which the Ninjaman was considered to be a priest. That very year he came up with an album “Intoxication.”  He also went for a new version and genre by releasing an EP titled “Summer in Kingston” that consisted of a single hit number “Sugarcane.” He went with numerous other collaborations that made him such a popular songwriter, singer, and composer whose name is entitled today in the chronology of legendary singers.

Personal life

Shaggy is quite a private person and in no gives into controversies. O’Neil Burrell is Shaggy’s son who is known to people as Robb Banks. There is no information available about his marriage and relationships.

Neither any information is there about his present relationship status. He is much into the act of philanthropy as it was known that Shaggy being associated with the NGO Shaggy and Friends had ones decided to donate a quantitative amount of over one million American dollars to Bustamante Children’s Hospital in Jamaica. He not only provided the hospital with financial assistance but also some of the used medical equipment.

Quick summary:

Full Name: Orville Richard Burell

Date of Birth: 22nd October 1968

Birth Place: Kingston, Jamaica, West Indies

Age: 50 Year Old

Profession: Reggae Artist, Songwriter, Musician, DJ

Height: 5 feet 11 Inches / 1.8 m

Weight: NA

Net worth: $12 Million