Richard Rawlings Net Worth 2019, Age, Height, Weight

Richard Rawlings Net Worth 2019, Age, Height, Weight

Richard Rawlings is an American auto mechanic, entrepreneur, race car driver and TV star.

His estimated net worth is around 25$ million.

Early life

Richard Ray Rawlings was born in 1969 in Forth Worth, Texas. He adored cars from the moment he saw his first vehicle. His father shared his love for car races and often took him to see car shows and car races. He came from a lower class family and his parents worked several jobs to support him.

To earn some money for himself and his family, Rawlings worked as a mechanic did other jobs related to car repairs and transformations. By the time he finished high school he knew a whole lot of information about mechanics and vehicles.

After high school he worked on different jobs, and decided not to go to college and devote his time to his one true love. He said in an interview that he worked as a policeman, in fire department and other similar jobs. Most of his money went again to cars and their reconstruction.

Richard was even prepared to take a bullet to stop a robber from stealing his car in the ‘80s and this has been one of his favorite stories to tell in interviews.

To make enough money for himself and the family, he decided to use his savings from car reparations and use them to start his own business. It was called Lincoln Press. The company offered printing and other connected services.

Business ventures

After a success of his first business, Richard decided to sell it and open his first shop devoted to car reparations. This was the moment his dreams came true and Gas Monkey shop was created.

Shop transformed and created cars, and later sent them to the people around the world. By people I mean his customers of course, who are waiting in line to trust him with their precious four wheelers.

His shop caught the eye of Discovery producers, and they decided to use Rowling’s love for cars and talent and show it to the audience around the world.

After great success of the show, Rowling’s was able to open bars with the name of his car shop which only bring him more annual profit. Many people across America love his TV personality and respect his talent, so both the shop and the grill are working non-stop.

Fast N’ Loud show

Even though he never dreamed of being on TV, he ended up doing just that and making good money while still enjoying his first love, cars.

From his appearance on TV, Rowling’s earns around 50 thousand dollars for one episode and a big part of his income comes from the show. Like I said, the show has been a great success and it has been planned for airing in the future.

Rowlings shows his skills that he learned in his, not so many, years in the mechanic world. His talent and love for cars can be seen through his work, as well as great devotion to make something amazing and innovative.

Personal life

Not many people know that Rawlings was married before he was thirty. He discovered that information in his autobiography without naming the girl. He said that he was young and not ready to settle down, and the marriage only lasted for few years, and until 1999 he was single.

He married his second wife, Suzanne, in 1999 and the couple enjoyed their marriage for almost ten years. Due to unknown reasons, they separated but remained close to each other the whole time.

After six years, Suzanne and Richard kept their contact and decided to get remarried in 2015. They don’t have any children yet.

Richard won many awards and was even mentioned in The Late Show for his achievements. Most of his current net worth comes from his TV appearance but also from his couple successful businesses. Seems like Rawlings is warming up for bigger things and we will be seeing him a lot more on our screens with amazing car transformations.

Quick summary:

Full Name: Richard Ray Rawlings

Date of Birth: 1969

Birth Place: Forth Worth, Texas, U.S.

Age: 47 years

Profession: entrepreneur, auto mechanic, race car driver and media personality

Height: 1.87 m

Weight: 105 kg

Net worth: 25$ million


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