The famous American chef and writer, who makes people cook well are Marcela Valladolid. Her Mexican cuisines are of special delicacy, and she guides the world through “Mexican Made Easy” which comes from Food Network. She also appears as a co-host in “The Kitchen” series on the same channel.

She is also active on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook each having quite a good number of followers. With her cooking ability, she gets gathered a good amount of money which is estimated to be around $900 thousand dollars.

Early life

Marcela is actually Marcela Luz Valladolid was born in San Diego, California, the United States on 19th July 1978. Marcela is the daughter of Antonia Valladolid and Maria Rodriguez Valladolid. She is the youngest child among all siblings. Her elder brother is Antonio and Karina is her elder sister.

Her early childhood is filled with good memories in the kitchen with her mother, where she was keen in learning cooking every day. Her knack towards cooking from the early childhood has made her a successful chef of today.

Her interest in cooking was further ignited when she joined her aunt’s cooking class Tijuana, Mexico. In this school, she grew up learning all cooking techniques from her aunt, and it is very much understandable that the foundation of cooking was strongly created. She enriched herself.

Further, she enrolled into the Los Angeles Culinary and became a certified cook. She wanted to move still further and reached France, and from Ritz, Escoffer Cooking School mastered classical cooking style as a pastry chef.


After graduating from the institute in France, she came back to her own place that is Tijuana and opened her own establishment. She started teaching cooking techniques to the children. Around 40 children came to learn cooking in the initial opening. In one competition, “The Apprentice: Martha Stewart’s,” where she participated in 2005 came out fourth overall. The judges of her cooking were delighted in tasting her cooking.

She got into the professional world of cooking when she went in to join “Bon Appetit,” magazine as a member staff. In the magazine, she was served as a recipe stylist and was also responsible as an editor. From these days she was gradually growing into a celebrity in the field of delicacy cooking. Her appearances in the drawing rooms where a lady watches television was now frequent. Two books on cooking were released by Marcela. These books are “Fresh Mexico : 100 Easy Recipes for Mexican Flavour“ published in 2005 and “Mexican Made Simple“ came out in the bookshelf while she appeared in the show „Mexican Made Easy.“

Soon she started her own show with the name ‘Relatos con Sabor.’ The show was telecasted in the renowned channel at anytime, ‘Discovery Channel’ in its Spanish version which is known as Discovery en Español. She show came up with the motivation of Hispanic people with their traditional recipe and preservation procedures. She appeared as one of the judges to evaluate cooking in “The American Baking Competition,” which is a CBS production on television cooking contest.

By now she is an established chef known not only for the cooking but also her generous presentation gave her a special stature. She was seen as a judge in “Throwdown! With Bobby Flay”. In one contest of taco-themed fish preparation, “That’s Too Much” she won a car. In one another episode, “The Price is Right,” she appeared particularly for Thanksgiving. In 2014 she became the co-host of the show “The Kitchen” on the Food Network.

Personal life

Everything was going quite well, but it requires a mentioning that the main purpose behind her all effort is not just cooking, something more than that. Marcela wanted to be one successful chef no doubt, but she wanted to change the attitude of the world towards her country Mexico.

Through her Mexican cuisines, she wanted to spread the culture of Mexico and the outlook of the people of her native country. She still shares her feelings through social media about her beautiful community and friendly family atmosphere. She is proud of ‘salsa.’

As some cook keep the secret of some special techniques, she married to Fausto Gallard. They were blessed with a son, Fausto Gallardo. Something went wrong, and they went off from each other. After some years the matter settled, and they met again and re-married in June 2012. But the curdling of their relation again cannot be avoided.

Later she was into the life of Philip Button, and she again became the mother of another two children David Button Valladolid and Anna Carina Button Valladolid.

Quick summary:

Full Name: Marcela Luz Valladolid

Date of Birth: 19th July 1978

Birth Place: San Diego, California, United States

Age: 39 years

Profession: Chef, Author

Height: 5 Feet 2 Inch

Weight: NA

Net worth: $900,000