Rick Hoffman is an actor from the United States of American and he got famous for his role of the financial expert Louis Litt that is one of the more important characters in a series called Suits.

Early years

Rick Hoffman was born on June 12th in 1970 and he was actually born in the big apple, NYC. He was lucky enough not to move around a lot as a child so he was raised in NYC, in a part called Roslyn Heights.

He lived with a family who was Jewish so that’s how he came in touch with religion. He went to a school nearby called The Wheatley School and he finished it. This was in a part of New York called Old Westbury.

Later he went to college and he decided to enroll the famous University of Arizona. He finished his education, since he was a pretty good student, but he decided that it was time for him to get some new and better opportunities.

That’s why he went to Los Angeles in California, he wanted to become an actor and he was ready to work very hard on it. In his interviews he always says that he was the most excited man in the world.

Career development

His career started in 1997 when he got his first gig. He had to play a security guard in a political action thriller with Mel Gibson and Julia Roberts. The movie was called Conspiracy Theory and it became quite popular so it gave Hoffman nice exposure.

After that, he kept getting roles, but they were all pretty small and he wasn’t happy with what he was getting. Luckily, soon came along Darren Star with the series The $treet and offered him to be the leading character: Freddie Sacker.

This series was actually put down after seven episodes in the same year when it started out, 2000, because it was thought to be very bad at the time.

This didn’t stop Rick from getting other roles though and he moved back to New York soon.

In his next roles, he was Terry Loomis on a law drama by Steven Bochco, and this probably decided what genre he will play in most of the time. Crime and drama series like this became a part of his life in 2001.

He was then Jerry Best of the The Bernie Mac Show from the year 2002 to 2005.

John Stamos made a comedy called Jake in Progress where Hoffman also had an acting experience from 2004 to 2005.

He was very happy when ABC gave him the role of Chase Chapman in the comedy called Samantha Who? In 2007.

However, his biggest and most important gig, the one he is well known for today, started out in 2011 when he got the role of Louis Litt in the series Suits.

This series was broadcasted by USA Network and to this day Hoffman still works on this. He says that this is possibly the best role he ever played because his character, Louis Litt, is very interesting.

Louis Litt is a lawyer who had done some dirty work in his field because he discovered one fraud and made another. It’s really interesting to act as someone who has such big background in his life, says Rick, who claims that he now knows more about Louis than about himself.

You may not know it was Rick Hoffman, but he had been in a lot of series people watch in this genre, and although he had minor roles, he was in many of them.

In 1998 he was a police officer in Lethal Weapon 4, he played in 2 episodes of CSI:Miami, 3 episodes of The Practice. He was agent Kohlms in Monk in 2004, and later starred as a doctor in an episode of CSI:NY.

He was on the most famous adaptation of CSI in 2007, and later in 2008, he was in Law & Order: Special Victims Unit.

In the same year he was in NCIS and Leverage, as well as in Las Vegas.

In 2010 he was in The Mentalist and in Numb3rs, and his latest project besides Suits has been Ballers from 2016.

Personal life

Hoffman is a professional at hiding his private life from the media. He says that not only he gets annoyed by the media being all up in his business, but he is also annoyed by the fact that they then question his family.

He had a girlfriend that we know about at one point and she gave him a son, his first child, in the last month of 2014. However, there isn’t much we know about this woman and Hoffman keeps all of this information to himself.

He was a part of the Zeta Beta Tau (ZBT) Fraternity while he was in college.

He remembers that he was in a park in San Francisco when he first got his small TV guest role and he was feeling like he could cry. The only thing he was able to say was: “Thank you God”.

He claims that he stayed best friends with the former TV actress who gave birth to his son and he didn’t want to reveal a name.

In 2016, he has been seen with Stephanie Waring, also an actress, and they were at lunch together. This doesn’t have to mean aynthing, but both actors didn’t want to talk about this theme. There was also some Twitter action between them that was interesting, but nothing much.

There have been a lot of rumors about him being gay and this was also supported by the fact that he never wants to say no or yes to these questions. He just avoids them.

He never smoked and he doesn’t have a tattoo, so one could say that he is pretty healthy, besides the fact that he likes to eat junk food sometimes, as he claims.

He is pretty close with his family consisting of his father Charlie Hoffman, his mother Gail Hoffman and his brother Jeff Hoffman. His brother is younger than him and he always looked up to his big brother, especially when he started to get big roles.

He enjoys boxing, listening to The Beatles and he loves the book Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing by Judy Blume. It is actually a book for children, but he claims that he cannot wait to show his son how great books can be.

His favorite sportsperson is John Wooden, he was a basketball player and a coach.

Quick summary

Full name: Rick Hoffman

Date of birth: June 12th in 1970

Birthplace:  New York City, New York, the United States of America

Age: 48

Profession: actor

Height: 178 cm

Weight: 78 kg

Net Worth: $1 million