Andy Frisella sometimes seems to be more than a man, truly a machine! He is an influencer and an entrepreneur who hosts the MFCEO Project Podcast.

He is one of the most real men out there in the industry and he likes to be very direct about everything he does. That’s the way he talks about his brand, his creating, his theories and his social media. He built his own brand and is a professional in marketing, later made a book and is a pretty famous person in the media.

Early years

There is very little information about his background. His early life says only that he was born in America, but we do know a bit about him as a child from the stories he tells.

He says that when he was little, he was a total underachiever. He says that he was a bit overweight, teased about it, had been getting bad grades and that his teacher always told him he didn’t have the capacity.

However, he says that this only motivated him to show other people what he can do.

The only person who was supportive and aggressive to other people about his son was his dad. He always fought for him, especially in schoool where they mistreated him.

Andy gained a lot of confidence through lifting and he lost weight, became stronger. This wasn’t only important because he looked and felt better, but he realized that there are no limits because each time he was training he could do a little bit better than he used to.

Career development

He was only 19 when he started out a small supplement store. It was the beginning of his entrepreneur career and it started out like that because he got into lifting.

Today, he still has the same stores which are called Supplement Superstores, Paradise Distribution.

When he decided that he wants to have a bigger impact on people, he opened up a podcast he likes to call The MFCEO Project. He gives advie to young people who want to succeed and he is very open in the podcast.

During his life, he founded more businesses besides the supplement one: Alpine Sport Products, Carbon Fire Nutrition, Paradise Distribution and 44Seven Media.

He now gets a few million listeners on his podcast every month and he is in Top 50 in the world.

Andy claims that he started out his supplement business with the last cash he had and they were soon robbed in the store. He used to make $7 a day and now he makes $100 million a year alltogether from all of his businesses.

He created this way of making business called 100-0. These numbers represent the odds of your success and the odds of not fullfiling your tasks. It isn’t only success that is important, it is domination.

Because of the hard childhood he had, he decided that he wanted to write books for kids in order to let them know that they can do anything they set their mind on. That’s how he created his books.

They are called Otis and Charley: Play to win and Charles the bulldog’s Fantastic Fruit Stand. These books not only teach something about business, but also about life and how you can be great in whatever you do.

When people ask Andy how did he do it, he says that it is only hard work and building a community. He claims that you have to forget about success because it makes people stop once they get it going. He says that you have to keep pushing no matter your success by now.

Frisella claims that building an honest and a true community is important. He has seen people tattoo his logo on them, and this was his proof about how much people actually care about this brand. Frisella says that they are not his buyers or listeners, they are his friends and his community.

Andy says that today being an entrepreneur isn’t what it used to be. Why? Because before, all you had to do is make a great business and sit around in a suit and a tie, but today, you have to earn people’s hearts and you have to work all of the time.

Entrepreneur Magazine, INC and Forbes featured this amazing man when he

Personal life

Andy has a wife called Emily Frisella and she is his biggest support. The couple has been together for some time now and as it ends up, they like to work together too.

Andy made a YouTube channel where he and his wife make Q&A videos.

On his webpage you can see how he talks about himself. He says that he doesn’t only chase his goals, he murders them. Andy never stops at success, he works even harder.

Frisella claims that the most important person in his life is his dad who was his rock and role model, especially when he way younger and needed help. He says that they are similar and that he taught him that success is for motivated, not smart people only.

Andy believes that everyone can be wealthy. You need a right mindset, tools, commitment, agression, you have to be competitive. It’s a big world with a lot of people who want the same thing as you and you can’t let them have it before you, he says.

He sometimes claims that he doesn’t believe he is a millionare. He knows how hard he worked and knows that he earned all of it, but sometimes it seems unreal.

Andy is very thankful for his wife who loved him before he was such a wealthy man and he says that she hasn’t changed a bit since they first started to go out. One would be afraid that she was goint to change because of money, but she didn’t.

Andy likes to curse a lot and he curses in his podcasts, his interviews, his videos and so on. He says that it is a habit and that it actually motivates other people and scares some. It all comes down to things he actually benefits off of, he laughs.

He claims that he is not so serious in real life and that he can actually enjoy all of the mellow and sweet things others do, but he tends to keep it for himself. Opponents like to get to know your weaknesses, and when you are famous, every media is your opponent, he claims.

It is true, his wife states in an interview, they often talked bad about me because they knew he would be angry.

Quick summary

Full name: Andy Frisella

Date of birth: NA

Birthplace:  the United States of America

Age: 36 (fan theory)

Profession: entrepreneur

Height: 182 cm

Weight: 95 kg

Net Worth: NA (but he makes $100 million a year)