Robbie Wolfe Net Worth 2019, Bio, Wiki, Age, Height

Robbie Wolfe Net Worth 2019, Bio, Wiki, Age, Height

Robbie Wolfe is a well-known celebrity who gained his popularity mainly from the American reality television show ‘American Pickers’ where he played the role of a cast member who reinvented automobiles.

There are a number of other hidden facts about Robbie which his fans are unaware of. One of them being, Robbie is an amazing entrepreneur who owns a landscaping company which is named as ‘RJ Wolfe and Sons’. Robbie is also a popular American Musician which further makes his a multi-talented human being.

Early Life

This famous American musician, actor, the entrepreneur took birth in Illinois in the United States of America and is currently 57 years of age. Robbie experienced his growing years with his American parents along with an elder brother named Mike Wolfe and also an adorable sister named Beth.

Since his childhood, Robbie has been celebrating his birthdays every year and is very fond of this day. Along with his mother, Rita Wolfe, Robbie belongs to the American nationality and falls under the category of while ethnicity. His elder brother, Mike Wolfe is considered as of the leading dealers as well as recyclers of antiques.


Going by his profession, Robbie is a multi-talented person who looks after more than one thing as well as excels in every field. He runs his own built enterprise and quite evidently fetched immense recognition along with great economic fortune and the credit solely goes to his main profession as an entrepreneur of the enterprise named ‘RJ Wolfe and Son.’

Earlier during his young age, Robbie was a musician and also made appearances in the popular American reality TV series called ‘American Pickers.’  He earned millions of dollars from this famous TV series which reached out to millions of people and fetched Robbie a great fan following base. He has made several appearances in this show for a great number of episodes along with his elder brother, Mike Wolfe.

This American TV reality series mainly deals with tremendously talented pickers namely Frank Fritz and Robbie’s Brother Mike. In this show, it is shown that Fritz and Mike travel to various places in the United States of America in order to get hold of a number of items demanded by their clients or for resale or even for their personal need or desire. The role that Robbie plays here is that of a helper who assists the pickers, Mike and Fritz in getting their old vehicles renovated, solely for their traveling purpose.

The main focus of Robbie is towards his landscaping company ‘RJ Wolfe and Sons’ which got launched sometime around the nineties. This landscaping company even now is greatly active, providing amazing and satisfying services to their clients. A variety of services are being provided to its clients like pool installation, hooking up lighting, paving driveways for both old and new and various other tools.

Personal Life

Robbie Wolfe is a married man, being the spouse of a gorgeous lady named Robyn. This incident of marriage brought about a drastic transformation in his life. Robyn, his wife, provided him with the option of either choosing her to marry or carry on with his music career.

Robbie was courageous enough to choose the marriage with Robyn and saved their relationship by giving up his passion for music. Robbie had no intention of ruining his new married life and thus, could gather guts to let go his dedication and love for music.

The couple, however, survived this situation and led a happy life being a perfect match for each other as Robbie was spontaneous enough along with Robyn being a stable human being. The couple then got blessed with four amazing children, the elder two sons named Jeremy and Brandon respectively and the two daughters named Kylie and Reagan.

Having such hardships in his life, Robbie stood out strong and saved his marriage and chose to lead a happy life and by God’s grace has a happy and fun loving family along with great economic prosperity which he derived from his entrepreneurship  career.

Quick Summary

Full name: Robbie Wolfe

Date of birth: April 26, 1960

Birthplace: Illinois, United States of America

Age: 57 years

Profession: Entrepreneur; Actor; Musician



Net worth:


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