No one knows how many lives music has turned from the darkened gloomy state to the brightened days. She Glizzy is one such character whose life of disgrace has now changed to the state where he can boastfully claim to be a keen aspirant of rap. The American rapper of hip-hop genre has given enough proof to be a real star of future if he keeps the tracks of life by the elements of a successful career.

He makes people remember Lil Boosie. Since 2011 he is successfully releasing several mixtapes which include “Law,” “Law 3: Now or Never” and “Young Jefe” which had got considerable appreciation from the music world.

His lyrics are filled with experiences of unruly childhood upbringing which will definitely inspire much youths to turn around and make an entry into the world of success. He made a reasonable earning through the sale of various songs and albums. The albums which he released so far include “Street Hottest Youngin,” “Fly Money,” “Law,” “Law 2”, “Fxck Rap” and “Young Jefe.” He had also encouraged companies to approach him for the endorsements. The rapper had also gone through the rough phase of Montgomery Country which had obviously created a wrong impact. Though it is just the beginning of his long musical career and hope, he would focus on this to go up on the ladder of success.

Nevertheless, the young American rapper had gathered not less than 500 thousand dollars as his estimated net worth.

Early life

Shy Glizzy was born as Marquis Amonte King on 12th December 1992 in Washington D.C, United States of America. He grew up along with his younger brother under the guidance of his mother and grandmother. His younger brother is also a rap artist who sings with the stage name of 3 Glizzy. It is heard that his father was murdered when the guidance of a father is of utmost importance. He grew up with the flow of time in the wide space of destiny.

His upbringing was in a town where he saw only criminal activities all around him, and this made him have no such interest in gaining any academic qualification. His schooling days in high school are filled with juvenile detention for various mischievous activities. He had very little reason for going to school rather he was taught to fight back with physical strength instead of writing perfect sentences. He was known for working with a gang of rogues from a very early age. During these periods he picked up Koran on some one’s suggestion and started thinking in the other way. He slowly inculcated the habit writing lines for his raps while reading biographies of various star performers.

Glizzy was far from getting a certificate from any school rather he obtained a GED while serving imprisonment. His teenage life is disarrayed by unlicensed gun possession, drug abuse, and theft. While clearing the confused state of teenage attaining 19 years, Glizzy started thinking otherwise. Gradually his interest in music grew. Glizzy gave all effort for the release of his music and with full dedication started working on it.


Soon the day came when released his first composition ‘No Brainer’ on 19th January 2011. The mixtape makes people aware of the arrival of a competent rap star for future. He has worked in this rap with some enchanting lyrics and had made his listeners aware of the fact beforehand. The mixtape was filled with 13 exciting tracks. Some of the tracks are ‘Gator,’ ‘Suck Me With N Hands,’ ‘4 My Town’, ‘Ball Out’ and ‘White and Metal.’ The response encouraged the rapper for yet another release which he made to the end of 2011 when he released his next mixtape under the title “Streets Hottest Youngin’.” The mixtape contained 14 tracks with the featuring of Young RichieP, Match, Mayo, P-Wild, and Future.

Next year in June 2012 Glizzy came out ‘Law,’ another mixtape. He then collaborated with Jose Guapo his fellow rapper to bring out ‘Fly Money’ on 14th November 2012. By the end of the year in December he released another mixtape titled ‘Fxck Rap.’ Obviously, work has not been finished yet, and the rapper had to put more sincere effort to gain the preference of the audience. In continuation of his earlier project, he released another mixtape under the title ‘Law 2’ which is enriched by the performances of several promising figures of rap arena. This includes Starlito, Migos, Kevin Gates, Doe B, Ant Glizzy and Yo Gotti. The effort has the worthy production of Big K, Karltin Banks, Rick Flare, Beezy and Lil Lody. Same year Glizzy was nominated under Make a Band Famous for O Music Award.

It was all going well, but the real breakthrough was not coming. On 17th February 2014, he released ‘Young Jefe.’ After this his mixtape “Law 3: Now or Never” was released on 2nd December 2014 which entered major charting lists. The endeavor was strengthened by the inclusion of Migos, Young Dolp, Bobby Shmurda and some more. Over 214 thousand times the mixtape was played online, and fanbase was quite happy will the release. On the Hip-Hop Album and Top R&B charts, it peaked #47. On the American charts, he entered for the first time. Then with the collaboration of Glizzy Gang, he came out with another mixtape titled ‘Be Careful’ on 3rd June 2015. A few months later collaborating with Zaytoven, he released ‘For Trapper Only.’

Next year without any features he released a 12 tracks mixtape, ‘Young Jefe 2’. The tracks included “Waiting for My Time,” “Let It Rain,” “How to Go,” “Huh,” “Ride 4 U” and “Rounds.” The effort got up on to the 14th rank on Top R&B Hip-Hop Albums but doesn’t make any remarkable entry on Billboard Top 200. His most recent release was made on 6th January 2017 when he released ‘The World is Yours.’ 13 tracks were featured by Ralo, 3 Glizzy, YoungBoy and some more.

The rapper is also very active on his YouTube channel which had gathered more than 125,000 subscribers over the years. Shy Glizzy has a long way to go ahead, and there are enough indications of a successful rap artist who would accomplish his dreams.

Personal life

A name has emerged in his life, and she is Blaidy. Perhaps the experience of the pair in 2015 was not as romantic as they hit the headlines with an arrest. There is no detailed information available about this rapper perhaps he is focusing more on his career.

Quick summary:

Full Name: Marquis Amonte King

Date of Birth: 12th December 1992

Birth Place: Washington D.C., United States of America

Age: 26 Years Old

Profession: Rapper

Height: 5 Feet 8 Inches / 173 cm

Weight: NA

Net worth: $500 Thousand