Elizabeth Eden Harris is professionally known as Cupcakke, she is a hip hop artist, rapper and songwriter.

In 2012, Elizabeth started with posting videos of her songs on the popular YouTube platform. Her YouTube channel did not have a lot visitors, but after the release of Deepthroat and Vagina songs, Elizabeth became known around the world. These two songs had a lot of reviews and this interesting artist became popular in the music industry.

Following this success, Elizabeth decided to start a serious musical career, and her YouTube channel was a great contributor to it. Soon after these songs she has decided to make her first studio album, and these two songs were in it. Elizabeth had a great success when she released first album; it is interesting that this album took 5th place on the ‘Best Rap Album of 2016’.

Thanks to the mixtape ‘S.T.D’, Elizabeth attracted the attention of numerous producers and music artists around the world. Shortly after a short break, Harris began work on her second studio album, “Queen Elizabitch,” and this album had very good reviews and helped Elizabeth to draw attention to the many fans around the world.

Ephorize is the name of her third album.

Her style is special, in her song she talks about different topics but most often these topics refers to women and their position in society. Elizabeth honestly, boldly and bravely speaks about many topics and facts, she is also a fighter for human rights and LGBT community.

We are sure that in this text you will find all important information about this talented, young woman.

Early life

Elizabeth was born in Chicago, when she was 3 years old, her father died and her mother took over her care. Her father was a laborer, but her mother was not employed. After her father’s death, Elizabeth and her mother did not have enough money; they lost their house and they had to find a temporary shelter.

Elizabeth admitted she spent several years in homeless shelters but when she started primary school; her grandmother took care of her. Her grandmother was a musician; she had a music store, and helped Elizabeth to learn the basics of music and art. Thanks to her grandmother, Elizabeth has discovered that she has a special talent for music.

Elizabeth started her music career when she was 10 years old; she participated in numerous events at elementary school and proved her talent. She wrote her first song at the age of 12; her teacher was amazed by her talent. Elizabeth became a member of the church choir, where she recited poetry and read her poems.

The church had a big impact on her life and future, while she was member of the church choir Elizabeth met a colleague who helped her to discover her musical style and reputation.

Since that time, Elizabeth began to explore rap music, she wrote songs and poem in this genre. Her music was special and it helped her to overcome very difficult and stressful moments in her life.

Elizabeth realized very soon that music would be a bright spot in her future; she also realized that music was the only solution for her problems and difficulties.

The lack of money was a major obstacle in her career, Elizabeth was aware of her talent, but she did not have the opportunity to show it to the world.


In 2012, Elizabeth decided to make her YouTube channel, that year she released her first music video for the song ‘Gold Digger’, this video became viral and had over 200 million views, this was an unexpected success for Elizabeth and for her beginning career. For several years, Elizabeth continued to publish these recordings; her channel became very popular and had over 300 000 million subscribers.

In 2015, Elizabeth released the video for the song ‘Vagina’, shortly after this song she also released the song ‘My Neck My Back’ and just after a month ‘Deepthroat’ went out.

After a week, two videos became viral, and Elizabeth then began to use her famous nickname ‘Cupcakke’.

In 2016, Elizabeth released her mixtape ‘S.T.D’, featuring songs such as Doggy Style and Motherlands, which became very popular. These mixtapes achieved great success and after them, Elizabeth began to work on her first album.

The first album was named ‘Audacious’ this album made a great success and helped Elizabeth to become one of the most popular hip-hop and rap artists. This album was announced with a single ‘Picking Cotton’; this song was about the police and violence. In this single, Elizabeth also spoke of racist policemen.

After a year of break, Cupcakke released her second album, she has announced this album on Twitter. The album was named Queen Elizabitch, unlike the first album, it had a special themes. It talked about politics, weather changes, climate warming. With this album, Elizabeth justified her talent and left a special emphasis on the lyrics.

Shortly after the release of the second album, Elizabeth posted a tweet, where she was announcing her third album called ‘Ephorize’. No one expected that Elizabeth will release the album in the short term, but she announced that she has been working on this album for several years, and that the songs she’s recording tells a lot about her and her private life.

After the release of ‘Ephorize’ it was clear that this is the best work in her career. The album received a lot of positive reviews and attracted attention to numerous musicians. Soon after its release, Ephorize was named for the best album in 2017.

In 2018 Elizabeth continued her musical career. Special attention was paid to her announcement on Instagram, where she says that she wants to develop her talent further and that she wants to make even bigger and better career. In January 2018, Elizabeth announced that she will release a new album, but before that, she decided to release videos for her previous album.

In January 2018, Elizabeth released a video for the song ‘Duck Duck Goose’, two days later; Elizabeth lunched a spot for the song ‘Fullest’. These videos caused a lot of public attention; there were many violent and erotic scenes in them.

Her latest album, Eden, was released in 2018 on her YouTube channel. Unfortunately, the album did not receive positive reviews and many consider it too violent. Special attention was given to the song ‘Blackjack’. The album did not seem to have much success.

Many music critics believe that Elizabeth published four studio albums in a very short period of time and that she did not give the audience time to understand her music and musical style. After her last album, Elizabeth discovered that she want to dedicate more attention to the lyrics of her songs.

Personal life

Elizabeth never revealed the secrets of her private life, and several times she avoided issues related to this topic. In an interview for MTV NEWS, Elizabeth acknowledged that she had been struggling with depression for years and that music was helping her.

However, a year after this interview Elizabeth was hospitalized after an attempted of suicide. She posted on her Twitter account a status were she was seeking for forgiveness, she also said that she don’t want to continue with her life. Fortunately, her mother prevented this disaster and helped Elizabeth to fight with this stressful period.

After this incident, Elizabeth did not appear in public and she did not want to comment this incident. She posted a video on Instagram, where she thanked to all people who were concerned about her and her health; she also announced that she will continue to release new tracks and albums.

Quick Summary

Full name: Elizabeth Eden Harris

Date of birth: May 31, 1997

Birthplace: Chicago, Illinois, USA

Age: 22

Profession: Rapper and songwriter

Height: 174 cm

Weight: 64 kg

Net Worth: $10 million