The famous American rapper is known for releasing some of the popular mix numbers in the year 2010 which had made him come in the limelight, and the media rushes out to keep his updates on regular basis. He has brought about the latest diction of the rap style and is regularly featured in the channels of WWE’s titled Wreckless. Great success followed the show.

Then the release of the song “I’m Comin” was used as a theme for describing the strength of wrestler Montel Porter. This massive number is achieved due to his immense dedication. His record sales made him commands the entire rap industry, make gallant concert appearances and get himself enrolled for various endorsements. There is no limit to his success, and his records were considered as a label for his contemporaries like C-Murder, and Master P. No Limits considered him as there label; it was the most famous prevailing underground.

The Shocker’s is estimated somewhere around the net worth of $ 2. 5 Million.

Early life

The birth of the rapper Silkk The Shocker is Vyshonne King Miller, and his birth date is June 18th, 1975, in the city of New Orleans, USA. He is a talented hip-hop performer and an actor who is known under the performing name which is unique, Silkk The Shocker.

He has successfully come up with a solo Hip Hop career and is the part of the popular bands like TRU and the famous 504 Boyz. Silkk The Shocker is quite a successful rap Hip-hop performer, who has accumulated quite a heavy amount and added on to his net worth in the entertainment industry since 1991.


All over music career, Silkk had been popular in releasing 9singles at a time; then he came up with nine music videos, then he decided to get on with eight compiled albums, went for five terrific studio albums, and finally released two soundtracks and a wanted mixtape. Silkk’s most popular studio album was titled “Charge It two Da Game” released in the 1998 and the “Made Man” was in 1999. Both of them brilliantly outdid the Billboard list and were categorized for the R&B Top 100 chart.  It was also certified in the platinum grade in the city of USA.  The albums “I’m Bout It” was got released in the 1997 and the super hit number “I Got the Hook Up” in the year 1998 and outdid the hit list chart that was previously mentioned for receiving certification respectively. The songs were categorized for gold and then platinum cadre respectively.

Among all the compiled albums, the best one entitled is “Mean Green: Major Players Compilation” that got its release in the year 1998. It owed a prestigious gold certification. Its brilliance remained with its recordings and was with the catchiest lyrics ever after. Silkk’s smooth; unique hip-hop style makes a hike in his total counted net worth that which was looked upon by people Silkk The Shocker became the most wanted Hip-hop rap artist who brilliant performances were considered to be of a uniform and significant texture that makes people get entertained immensely. Ones upon a time, he remained busy in managing his working schedule on his new studio album titled “Incredible,” which got released in the year 2015.

It must be keenly noted down that Silkk was the founding member and the torch bearer of famous the hip-hop band TRU (origin – 1992 – 2005).  He was also a famous member of the reputed band 504 Boyz (working year-2000 – 2005). His long stature activities were with several prominent artists that included Mac, Curren$y, Master P, C-Murder, Mystikal, Choppa, Magic, Krazy and many other members had immensely contributed to increasing the net worth of this huge rap personality. Moreover, Silkk was known for making strong collaboration with the famous R&B singer Mya and was induced to participate in their song “Movin’ On” in the year 1999. It became a big super hit, and it was enlisted to be certified under the platinum degree.  Silkk made his debut as a freelance actor in the documentary feature film “I’m Bout It” in the year 1997 that got directed and produced as well as written by talented personality Moon Jones and the famous organizer Master P.

Later on with the passage of time, Silkk went on playing the supporting roles in some of the films titled “MP Da Last Don” (released – 1998), then “Still ‘Bout It” (2004). Both the movies got directed, scripted and were under the production of by Master P, and the famous No Limit Films. He came up to be a trial artist in the “Little Girl Blue: What’s Become of You?” (2006) That was directed and well scripted by Josh Austin, and the “Reservation” (2010) was directed and well written by the scriptwriter Michael A. McGowan. Additionally, the various main roles were all played by Silkk in all selected famous films like “Corrupt” that got its release in the year 1999 and directed by director Albert Pyun.  Then the “Hot Boyz” took a span of time to get released from 1999-2000 and was directed by and well written by the legendary scripter Master P.

In the year 2015, the film “More Money, More Family” was released in which Silkk appeared in the prominent main role. He was the main focus in the whole movie, and the spotlight remained on him. His efficient acting abilities had also added the financial stature and managed to maintain his standard of living. Silkk The Shocker’s career is worthy enough to be talked about and his success has spread widely to serves a symbol of hard work and sincerity.

Personal life

Coming to the private and personal life of Silkk The Shocker, the actor comes singer is seriously involved in a relationship with the eminent singer Mya. Silkk is also the father of two cute and beautiful children who are named Jianna Miller and Lil King Miller. The available records declare that C Murder and Master P are Silkk’s siblings and probably his elder brothers.

Silkk began his career when he was a teenager, by joining Dow South Hustlers. He collaborated with “Tru” that is a group of his elder brother Master P just to know the basic style proforma of rapping.

He also joined the West Coast Bad Boyz to release multiple rap number that is accepted worldwide.

Quick summary:

Full Name: Vyshonn King Miller

Date of Birth: 18th June 1975

Birth Place: New Orleans, Louisiana, United States of America

Age: 43 Year Old

Profession: Rapper, Actor

Height: 1.93 m

Weight: 96 Kg

Net worth: $2.5 Million.