Michael van Gerwen is a professional dart player. He is Dutch in origin.

He has been ranked as world’s number one dart player. He started playing darts from the age of 13. He was ranking high in his career for the initial stages but struggled a lot after till 2012.

He was at the 38th position which in the 2013 has risen to number 4.

He was playing darts from 2002. He was a football player in his earlier days and was a good defender. He was the usual player of football till the age of 12 and then moved on to playing darts. When he was 14 years of age, he could get into the event named Primus Masters Youth in the year 2003.

After the event, he started to be a part of the German Open, Northern Ireland Open, Dutch National Youth Championship, as well as Norway Open. He was a tiler before becoming a darts player.

In his young age of 18, he was able to climb the ladder of victory in Darts game. He has managed to reach the finals of the Bavaria World Darts Trophy in the year 2006.

He started to associate with BDO from the year 2005. He has been a part of the BDO and has managed to reach up to the position of 3.

Later stages of his career were spent with the PDC, the professional darts corporation. He was associated with PDC from the year 2007 to 2011. He left PDC by 2011 and started working with Elite.

He has married his girl friend, Daphne Grovers in the year 2014, August. She was his long term girlfriend.

The estimated net worth of about 600,000 Euros. He has gone through lofts of hardships in his life and has changed many jobs in between. Now he has bought his second home through the hard work and determination.

Michael van Gerwen was born in the year 1989, April 25th in Boxtel, Netherlands. He was nicknamed as Mighty Mike.

In the year 2011, his lifetime savings were about $1.5 million.

Some of the achievements of Michael Van Gerwen are as follows;

He was the world champion in the year 2014. He became the world grand prix champion in 2014 and 2015.  He became the European champion in the year 2014 and 2015 and Premier League Champion in the year 2013.

In the year 2016, again he became the Premier League Champion.

Quick Summary:

Full name: Michael Van Gerwen

Date of birth: 1989, April 25th

Birth place: Boxtel, Netherlands

Age: 27 Years

Profession: Dart Player

Height: Unknown

Weight: Unknown

Net worth: 600,000 Euros

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