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If we ignore specific types of art, our life will be empty and it will make no sense. Art is something special that gives power to every human being to be different from the rest. There are different types of art, and in today’s theme we will talk about music.

Music is among people from the beginning of humanity and music has always given joy and peace to all people. Music is for joy and for happines but it also helps us in situations when we are sad and disappointed. That’s why music has always been amongst us and different musical styles have developed throughout history. Nowadays, we can find many different types of music, and each person has his favorite genre.

Our current theme is dedicated to rap music and today we will describe this kind of music and a rapper who gained popularity in the world of this music.

When we talk about rap music, it was created during the 80s in America and in the beginning this music belonged to the Black people. They created this direction of music and in the coming years this music became popular throughout the world.

Rap music has always been controversial and in these songs the rappers have expressed their emotions and their own personal opinion. Many parents advised their children not to listen to this kind of music because it is violent and does not bring good and positive messages.

In the coming years this music became more and more popular, and in the present time rap music is one of the most popular music genres in the world.

Today there are many rappers who have different styles and who send different messages to the audience.

Also in the present time there are different directions of rap music and in today’s theme we will try to describe to you the rapper who is popular around the world since many years ago.

His artistic name is Skepta, and he began to deal with rap music at the beginning of 2000. He started his career when he was very young and he wanted to become a successful rapper who would make a financial profit that would help him and his family. He has always wanted to become a successful man and rap music has enabled him to improve his life.

In this text we will introduce you to his childhood as well as his career and details from his private life.

Early Years

Skepta or Joseph Junior Adenuga Jr. was born on September 19, 1982 in London, England.

His parents are native to Nigeria and they moved to London in search of a new and better life. They tried to provide a normal life for their children and they had to do a lot of things to survive.

The biggest problem for his family was money, his father did not have a job, and he had a big problem with alcohol and cigarettes. Joseph admits that his father had big problems, and that he was not always ready to help his family. Although he was the youngest member of his family, Joseph began to work very early, in order to help his brother and mother.

His mother had part-time jobs and sometimes she would change more jobs during the week. She tried to help her children, to provide them a better life and for that reason she had to sacrifice her time and strength. Joseph talked about his mother in several interviews; he said that his mother was a real hero, that she was always there for her children, and that she never gave up on them.

She sacrificed every moment of life for her children. She had a great influence on Joseph, especially in his early youth, thanks to her Joseph discovered his talent for music.

He did not like school and learning, he expressed his interest in sports and music. He started to play basketball very early, and as a boy he wanted to become a basketball player. Joseph had good results, and the school coach placed him in the main team, but during the High School, Joseph had to make a decision whether to continue his basketball career or to start a musical career.

At that moment, Joseph had to decide on his future and about his future career. Will he start his musical career or devote himself to basketball and realize his dream?

Joseph reveals that he was sure that basketball would be his decision, but at the last moment Joseph discovered a different side of his personality and decided to dedicate himself to music. He says that music was like a medicine for him, helped him to overcome difficult days, to express his emotions and discover himself and his passion.

His first musical footsteps started very early, when he became a member of the school choir. He then accidentally discovered his talent, and his mother felt that he should not give up music. Because of her persistence, he learned to play the guitar, and as a teenager began to write musical lyrics.

He was in great relationship with his brother and they were in excellent communication. Joseph enrolled in elementary school in London but he did not finish his school with great success. During his primary school, he and his younger brother began to listen to rap music. They wrote their songs and wanted to make a rap career in the future. When Joseph was 15, he recorded his first song with the help of his friend from the school who also loved rap music.

In the following years, they continued to deal with rap music and continued to record common songs. They founded a joint group but they didn’t record any professional song together. Their friends and many rap music fans thought that they had a great talent and that they would succeed in making a rap career in the future.

In the coming years, his younger brother dedicated himself to the other job and he stopped to rap and he wanted to change his profession.  Joseph continued to record rap music and he wanted to become successful in this business. He made connection with other rappers from his city and in next period he started to make professional rap songs.


Skepta started his career in 2003 when he released his first hit, which had achieved a lot of success. These songs helped him to become popular for his rapping in Europe but also in the USA. In the following period, he collaborated with a friend from London and they started a rap group at the beginning of their collaboration.

They shared a common love for this music and decided to start recording rap songs. In the coming years, they recorded over 15 common songs and began to hold concerts all over the England. In 2005, they recorded their first joint album and this album became one of the most popular in the history of Britain hip hop. In the first 3 weeks this album was sold in over 300,000 copies throughout the UK.

In the following period, this album began to be sold worldwide, and this duo managed to make an excellent financial profit. They have become one of the most popular music duets around the world and have made it possible to make rap music popular. From 2005 to 2008, they released two more albums, which became very popular and which managed to capture audiences around the world. With the help of them, rap music has reached popularity and they have become one of the most popular rappers around the world.

Their collaboration ended after 2009 when they released their last joint album and after this year Joseph started a solo career. His solo career was not successful, and Joseph had trouble in the beginning. He also had problems with the law and he had to go to court several times.

Nevertheless, he managed to make a comeback in rap music and in 2011 and he released his first single that has achieved a lot of success in the UK. From 2012 to 2017, Skepta released several singles who had achieved a lot of success.

After this year, Skepta managed to establish cooperation with many famous rappers and he managed to make a big hit in 2017 with famous singer from USA. After this year, his career has re-started ascending and Skepta has again become one of the most popular rappers in the UK.

Personal Life

Skepta is the guy who has always attracted public attention and many people wanted to learn more about his life. He managed to make a successful career in Europe and in the USA. During his career he was not a controversial personality and he always struggled to be moderate. His motto in life has always been to be successful and honest and never to give up from his goals.

Throughout his career, he played many concerts in UK and in Europe. He has gained many fans and Joseph is very active on social networks. On his Facebook profile Joseph has over 300,000 followers and on his Instagram profile he has over 600,000 followers. He often publishes pictures of his private life and in December 2018 he announced that he became a father. In this photo Joseph had over 100,000 likes and his fans were very lucky for him.

During Skepta’s career, he earned about $ 5 million and he managed to make a fine financial profit. He managed to achieve his boyhood dreams and managed to make a successful career. He often visits his mother and in 2014 he has given her a new apartment in London. She had always believed in Joseph and stated that he had always been a special boy.

Joseph said that he would continue to deal with rap music and that he is preparing some new projects in 2019 and 2020.

He also has scheduled concerts around Europe in 2019. Joseph has also donated money for humanitarian purposes on several occasions. He said he wanted to help all the people who needed help because he was in a bad financial situation when he was young.

He is currently living in London and he has said that he will be married to his long-time girlfriend in the coming period. Joseph is one of the best British rappers and artists and it is sure that we will see many new projects in the future. Joseph also announced that he will appear in a new British film that will be released in 2020.

Quick Summary

Full Name: Joseph Junior Adenuga Jr.

Birthplace: London, England

Date of birth: 19 September, 1982

Age: 37

Profession: Rapper

Height: 180 cm

Weight: 77 kg

Net Worth: $5 million