Suge Knight Net Worth 2019, Bio, Wiki, Age, Height

Suge Knight Net Worth 2019, Bio, Wiki, Age, Height

Suge Knight is a popular American producer whose first career choice was being a football player, but it hadn’t worked out for him so he turned himself to music.

Early years

Marion Hugh Knight Junior is the real birth name of this well known American producer. He was born on April 19, 1965 in the city of Compton in California.

Compton is a very old part of Los Angeles County which is situated on its south part.

His childhood nickname was “Sugar Bear” and when he grew up it was shorten only to “Suge”.

He attended Lynwood High School where he was one of the best in sports: he was excellent both in athletics and in football which later became his career.

He was amongst the best jumpers and runners in the class so he was always the first teachers choice when it came to school contests.

After his graduation in 1983 he enrolled the “El Camino College” and became the student everybody wanted to have: he excelled in the school football team.

In 1985 he moved to the University of Nevada in Las Vegas where he played football for almost two and a half years.

He wasn’t drafted by NFL although he was good at football but not on the top list. He still joined Los Angeles Rams in their camp trying to improve his game. He played a few games but soon after he left the team.

He decided to turn his career upside down and chose to leave football because it seemed he could not achieve the goal he was aiming for.

Career Development

After he made this big change in his life it was crucial that he found a job first, in order to support himself. He finally chose the job of a bodyguard. He was often called by celebrities to keep them safe and various companies asked him to promote their concerts and events.

For a while he was a bodyguard for Bobby Brown and in that period he was often seen in the newspapers.

After he got involved in the music productions he earned a lot of money on Vanilla Ice’s big hit “Ice Ice Baby”. Vanilla had to sign some of his earnings to Suge Knight because he used some of his lyrics in his song.

After becoming a music manager he signed some known rappers to his label, for example DJ Quick and The Doc.

The Doc was back then signed to “Ruthless Records” but he wanted out just the same as Dr.Dre who also thought about leaving them.

They managed to leave the label after Suge Knight seriously threatened their label managment.

The three of them co-founded a new label “Death Row Records” in 1991. “Death Row Records” became a very popular label in a short period of time.

1992 brought Suge everything he wished for: Dr.Dre released his famous album “The Chronic” and that made Suge both money and the fame.

Their new star came next year: Snoop Dogg made his big breakthrough with the album called “Doggystyle”.

Suge often looked down on other music producers and started a fued with Luther Campbell.

He decided to start a new venture, and he turned to business with clubs. He opened a place called “Club 662″ in Las Vegas which was made as a private sort of club which was very selective to its members. This venture brought him a lot of money

His label,” Death Row Records” became a big player in the game which was proved after they signed a contract with Time Warner.

Suge was also known for his feud with Puff Daddy who was an owner of “Bad Boys Records” label. He resented him showing up in most of the music videos done by his signed artists. He believed that Puff Daddy has forced himself into all of the videos because the rappers didn’t want problems with him so they let him.

He posted an enormous bail of $1, 4 million for Tupac Amaru Shakur after negotiations with him. He persuaded Tupac to sign to “Death Row Records” in exchange for the bail.

Tupac was a golden goose for all three of them. In 1996 he released his album “All Eyez On Me” and it was theor biggest success ever.

One of their hit artists was also M. C. Hammer. He hasn’t released an album but he made a lot of collaboration on other artists albums. In 1996, Tupac was shot to death and after that some more artists left the label.

After some time Dr.Dre decided to leave the label because he was irritated by the trouble that Suge caused with his violent behaviour. He turned to his own business by starting his own record label called “Aftermath Entertainment”.

After a few years, Suge’s company went into bankruptcy and even had to pay big amounts of money to the people who sued him. He never gave a statement about this to the media since he didn’t want to attract attention. It was a very mature move and the media was pretty surprised he did this because most of the hip hop artists related to him gain popularity by these types of events.

He had to sell his big residence in Malibu and sell his “Death Row Records” too.

He sued Kanye West in 2008 for his responsibility in the event when he got shot in his leg on one of Kanye’s parties.

He founded a new record label called: “Blackball Records” which was later changed into “Black Kapital Records”.

He was arrested many times during this period: for possesion of illegal drugs and for making many traffic violations.

In 2014 he received six bullets in a shootdown at a party connected with Music Awards.

In 2015 he was arrested as a suspect in the killing of Terry Carter, a friend of his.

Personal life

He has two sisters: Karen Anderson and Charlinda Tubbs. It is quite possible that they don’t agree with their brother.

He got his name from his father Marion Knight. His family was always connected very well and he is a really proud member of it.

In 1989 Suge married Sharitha Golden who gave birth to Suge’s first child.

Suge got married in 1999, with a very famous American singer Michel’le but she filed for divorce six years later. She gave birth to their son Marcel.

Stormey Ramdhave was also his fiancee and the two of them have two children together. Stormey released a book about her life with Suge Knight called “My life With The Knight”.


Full name: Marion Hugh Knight Jr.

Date of birth: April 19, 1965

Birth place: Compton, California, U.S.

Age: 52

Profession: record producer, former American football player

Height: 188 cm

Weight: 120 kg

Net worth: $200, 000


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