Chief Keef is a famous Chicago rapper and a producer, also a record label owner. He was first discovered by Kanye West and they had many collaborations together.

Early life:

Chief Keef was born on August 15, 1995 in Chicago by his underaged mother under the name Keith Cozart.

He got named after his deceased uncle whom his mother loved very much. He says that he never got the actual chance to bond with him, but it never seemed to make him specially sad.

He was raised by his grandmother in a neighbourhood of Chicago called Washington Park and he never had conntact with his biological father Alfonso. He has a special bond with his grandma too.

He was interested in music from a very early age and at the age of six he discovered a karaoke that his mother had and he often rapped along the music. He found it very relaxing to make rhymes and it seemed to keep him occupied as a kid too.

He went to Dulles Elementary School and a nurchering therapeutic day school called “Banner School”. He started his high school education at Dyett High School but he decided to drop out not long after his 15th birthday.

He hang out with the gangs and caused trouble to his family. He was often stopped and searched by the police.

One day he got arrested for the posession of an illegal weapon after he fired shots from a Pontiac in his neighbourhood Washington Park. He got a month of home detention and couldn’t go anywhere. This was a very sad time for him and he was contemplating his life choices a lot.

During this period he started posting some of his drill videos on his YouTube account. He was already known in his neighbourhood and among his high school friends as a good rapper. Social media enabled him to bring his music to a wider audience. He began to rap more often and found his crowd very supporting.

Career development:

He released his first two mixtapes ” Bang” and “From the Dead” which included singles “3 Hunna” and “I don’t like”.

This last song became very popular in Chicago and very soon Chief Keef was noticed by Kanye West. He made a remix of “I don’t like” with Pusha T., Big Sean and Jadakiss.

In 2011 he was arrested for possesion of cocaine and served his punishment in house detention.

In 2012, Keef got many record label proposals, due to his growing popularity and his huge fan base. CTE, Young Jeezy’s record label was especially interested in signing a contract with him.

Eventually he has chosen “Interscope Records” for his label since they offered him a separate deal which secured him his own label print called “Glory Boyz Entertainment”. Afterward he renamed it to Glory Glo.

His first studio album was waited with impatience and was released in the winter of 2012. He had guest appearances on his album from prominent hip hop artists such as 50 Cent and Wiz Khalifa.

In 2013 he was named as one of the chosen rappers on XXL Magazine Freshman Class. This was a huge accomplishment for him and he was very honored to be involved into the hip hop scene as a mature artist now.

Gucci Mane and his “1017 Brick Squad Records”  pursuaded Chief Keef to join them.

His popularity only grew and he was featured on an album by Kanye West called “Yeezus” in the song called “Hold My Liquor”.

He celebrated his 18th birthday by releasing “Bang Part II”. This time the critics weren’t that good to him and he even received some negative buzz.

The following mixtape called “Almighty Sosa” wasn’t received especially good.

In 2014 Keef started being interested in the production of music more than with their meaning.

Keef announced his new album “Bang 3” with an official single called “Fuck Rehab” which was featured by his cousin Mario (aka Blood Money) who died one month later.

At the end of 2014 he hasn’t still released his announced “Bang 3” album so he was dropped by his record label “Interscope Records”.

Although the label left him, he still announced on Twitter that his plans hasn’t changed and that the album will be released as planned.

Although he hasn’t released them as promised he released “Big Gucci Sosa” mixtape, where he collaborated with Gucci Mane. A little after, he made another mixtape “Back From the Dead 2” which was set for download on iTunes.

He released an album called “Nobody” in the winter of 2014 with Kanye West as the guest appearance.

At the beginning of 2015 he released “Sorry 4 the Weight” mixtape which had good critics.

A few months later he signed to “FilmOn Music”.

In the summer of 2015 his good friend and an associate Capo was killed in a driveby shooting and Keef announced a concert in his honor.

He had problems with the mayor of Chicago who thought he was a bad role model and who forbid the concert. Most of the journalists at the time defended Cheef Keef because they thought his 1st amandman rights were violated.

In 2016 he surprised his fans stating on Twitter that he is going to retire from rapping but at the end of the year he was featured in “Young Man” by MGK.

In so called retirement he also released another mixtape called “2017: two zero one seven” at the beginning of 2017.

Personal life:

His mother is called Lolita Carter and his father is Alfonso Cozart. He has two younger siblings, a brother and a sister.

He dated a model Pretty Mesha  in 2013. and they got engaged the same year.

When he was only 16 years old his first daughter Kayden Kash called Kay Kay was born.

In 2013 he became a father of one more daughter, and now he was paying two child supports. He never talks about his children to the media because he wants to keep their lives a secret and doesn’t want to endanger their lives.

In 2014  his third child, a son Krüe Karter was born, and in 2015 his other son named Sno Film On Dot Com what caused a lot of controversy. He has four children with three different woman with whom he was never married. But he has to pay child support for all of them.

He has a cousin Fredo Santana who is also a rapper.

His stepbrother, a rapper Blood Money, was killed in 2013.

After noving to L.A. he started collecting arts, especially from Bill da Butcher. He even made custom orders of his work.

In 2012 he was questioned by the police for his alleged connection in the shooting at Lil Jojo.

In 2013 he was sent to juvenile detention for violating his probation. The same year he was arrested for smoking weed in public and after one week he was arrested again for fast driving. He got 18 months of probation.

In 2014 he was evicted from his flat in Highland Park.

He is often called by his nickname Sosa, the same as from a drug dealer in the movie Scarface.

Quick summary

Full name: Keith Cozart

Date of birth:  August 15, 1995

Birthplace: Chicago, Illinois

Age: 22

Profession: rapper, producer

Height: 180 cm

Weight: 76kgs

Net Worth: $ 1 million