Tarek El Moussa is a professional American investor of real estate along with a great television personality.

At the same time, he is also considered as one among two hosts of the reality series named ‘Flip or Flop’, while the other host is his own wife named Christina El Moussa.

She is also a shark of real estate. The duo is involved in the finding along with the renovation of homes while they flip them for the purpose of profit.

The duo at the same time runs an agency named ‘Tarek and Christina: The El Moussa Group’.

He is an extremely talented person who has earned the license of real estate right at the very young age 21. He was an agent of the real estate before the crash in the year 2008.

Later, he along with his wife started flipping homes which were mostly situated in the place named Orange County in California.

In the year 2011, the couple recorded a tape of audition which showed them flipping houses right from the first to the last procedure. This tape was then sent to the HGTV.

Individuals from HGTV got interested to talk to them. In the year 2012, HGTV signed both of them for a whole weekly program which demonstrated their work.

The couple further hosted a show named ‘Flip and Flop’ which entailed the entire ordeal of purchasing a distressed property, while renovating them. This further was followed by them selling the house for much higher prices, thus incurring higher level of profit. The very first episode of the show was aired on April 16 in the year 2013. The show has been currently seen running its fifth season. Further, he has also taken up the hosting duties for show of HGTV like Carol Duvall.

Along with this, the couple further runs an agency of real estate which is named ‘The El Moussa Group’ in the place of Orange County, California. The area comprises of one of the biggest rates of foreclosures in the entire country. He gained the first profit when he bought a house of investment in the place of Santa Ana for about 115 thousand dollars.

He, along with the business partner named Pete De Best had split the entire money while continuing to flip the houses. Further, they have seen expanding the business of real estate right up to Nevada and Arizona.

Born on August 21, 1981, he was raised in the Long Beach at California in the hands of American parents. Later in his life, he got married to Christina El Moussa who along with being his real life partnered in the show named ‘Flip or Flop’ in the year 2009.

The couple has two children who are named Taylor El Moussa and Braydon El Moussa.

However, there have been news of the birth process of second child was a difficult process. The nature of the works had earned him great profits along with earnings which are extremely variable. Hence, the exact amount of his salary cannot be known and is thus unknown.

The salary that they charged in per show cost about $10,000. Tarek is in charge of the contractors while the wife deals with the decoration process. His great real estate investing skills has made him earn a huge lump sum amount of net worth.

Tarek El Moussa has achieved an estimated net worth of $3 million.

Quick Summary:

Full name: Tarek El Moussa

Date of birth: August 21, 1981

Birth place: Long Beach, California, United States

Age: 38 years

Profession: American real estate investor

Height: Unknown

Weight: Unknown

Net worth: $3 Million