Alejandra Guzman is very known Mexican artist, she is musician, song writer and actress. She often appear in TV shows, series and TV novellas.

She is writing songs not only for herself, but also for other famous stars.

She is well known for her Latin music not only in Mexico, but also all over the world. She is popular in United States, in Europe and in Mexico, she has got many song and albums behind herself. A lot of people think that she has got specific voice and that her energy is amazing.

In this article we will talk about this amazing women, who is destroying borders and who is showing people what the true values in the life are. We will not only talk about her career, we will tell you something more about her personal life and her family.

Early years

Alejandra Guzman was born in Mexico City, she have got very famous parents. Her father is popular singer Enrique Guzman and first Mexican actress Silvia Pinal. It is interesting that her parents’ relationship was taboo, because of the age difference. Her mother was twelve year older then her father, but this all gossips Alejandra was born.

We can say that Alejandra had very interesting childhood, but also very difficult and hard. Her parents were very busy, they were working all the time that is why Alejandra was travelling a lot, she was changing towns, schools and friends. This was very difficult situation for one girl.

Maybe this would not be so difficult for Alejandra, but also her parents had big problems in their relationship, that is why they divorced, when Alejandra was only 6 years old.

Alejandra was very talented child since her early day, it is impressing that her first appearance on TV was when she was just 6 months old. When she was 6 years old she has started to train ballet. Beside this, Alejandra didn’t show her talent only in dance and music, she was very good at painting and acting.

Her mother didn’t get married, but her father has found another women with who he had two daughters.

Alejandra was very close with her sisters, she said that they have always encouraged her. Unfortunately, her youngest sister died in car accident, this was very painful moment in Guzman family, in this period Alejandra has stopped making music.


Her career has started early, as we have already said, her first appearance was when she was just two months old, after that Alejandra was often on TV screens, she participated in many talent shows.

She was talented in many different areas, but it was obvious that her main interest was music. In her primary school she has started taking guitar lessons. When she was just a teenager, she has started to write songs, composite them and write music for them.

Her first album, was when she was just 20 years old, this was her debut album, and the people were impatient to hear this talented girl. It was impressive that she has written, produced and composited all of her songs in this album. The name of debut album was ‘Bye mama’.

This album made a great success, it has help her to build her own style, and to start her music career.

Alejandra started her career with this album, but after it she reveal many studios album, and songs. ‘Dame tu amor’, ‘Bella’, ‘Lipstick’, ‘Fuerza’. These were her album with biggest success, with her talents people were fascinated. She was also, very known because of her beauty and intelligence. Also, we need to mention that Alejandra won many awards, but the biggest one is Grammy. Also she won an award for best album of year, and the best female singer.

But this is not over, we can also said that Alejandra was were talented actress, this was noticed by many Latin producers, who arrange her in many films and TV shows.

People loved her, they would say that she has amazing energy and that she is charismatic. The statistic says that Alejandra was the best-selling singer in Mexico, she has sold over 60 million album all over the world.

In her last interview, Alejandra announce that she will be a couch in big Television project in Mexico called ‘La Voz’. She said that now she is planning to help younger artists to find their way in this job, she will help them to find their own style and to impress their emotions and feeling in the best way.

Alejandra revealed 8 albums, but she said that this is not the end and that soon she will go back and revealed new album. She is ready to make new success.

Personal life

Her childhood was turbulent, sometimes difficult but she said that she would always find way to be happy and to enjoy in little moments.

Since childhood she was aware that she will become big star and that she will be great in her job. If someone ask her what is the secret she would said love, because if you are doing something with love, then you will find a way to succeed.

If we are talking about her private life, we can say that she has got daughter Frieda Sofia. She also had two serious relationship in her life, first one was with Pablo Moctezuma, with who she has a daughter.

Alejandra and Pablo were married for 2 years, but they have problems in relationship and they have decided to split away. After that Alejandra was in a relationship with Farrell Godman, but they break up last year. Now she is single.

Alejandra is great mother, she is devoted to her daughter and she is always encouraging her. Frieda is usually with her granddad, she is very talented and she is interesting in music.

Quick summary

Full name: Alejandra Guzman

Date of birth: 9th February, 1968

Birthplace: Mexico City, Mexico

Age: 48

Profession: Singer, composer, writer, actress.

Height: 1,72 cm

Weight: 56 kg

Net Worth: 2 million dollars