Will Willis is an actor from America that hosts ‘Forged in Fire’ and became a popular TV person by it.

Early life:

There is not quite a lot of information about his early life. We know that he grew in a family that was very focused on military qualities and that is probably the reason why he ended up serving in an army for a long time.

We know he was born on February 13, 1975 in the US. Also, we are aware that he went to high school in 1993. He was a good student, but never focused on school as his primary interest.

Before his TV career, he worked duty with Army’s 3rd Ranger Battalion. He had a really dangerous and an important job of being a Pararescueman for a whole decade. He says that his childhood wish was to be in the army. Finally he found himself a great career in a weapon’s related TV show.

Career development:

His first TV gigs were on TV series ‘Special Ops Mission’ and ‘Triggers: Weapons That Changed the World’. He always loved the military and he was very honored to be working on these series. He likes everything related to army and what lifts adrenaline.

He now appears on History Channel, on his own TV show ‘Forged in Fire’. He is very proud of himself for finally making his dream of hosting his own show true.

This show is about people learning how to make various weapons from resources that were given to them. These are usually some basic things and the contestants have to make up a method of winning during the given time limit.

This show started in 2017 and he gained a huge audience very quick. Besides the fact that the idea of the show is new and interesting, people are suspecting it’s also because Will is very handsome and likeable.

He focuses on making reviews of various weapons and since he was in the military for such a long time, he has much experience with a lot of those weapons in real time.

He looks at them from a different perspective and tries to present people the true purpose of these.

Will was a guest in An Officer and Last Call too. He says that he enjoys acting very much and finds the whole idea of making military shows very interesting.

He is also a teacher that spends time teaching: Tactical Combat Casualty Care and he lives in California.

Personal life:

Will’s friends describe him as a very brave person who likes adventures, but he actually settled down a bit with Krystle Amina, his long-time girlfriend.

He is a very organised person that focuses on spending his free time with his friends and family.

The couple has been dating for a long time and they have had a great relationship so far. In fact, they even got married in 2017 and finally made their love official.

He is very thoughtful and tries to keep his girlfriend out of the sight of the media so he doesn’t spread information about their relationship.

They are very active on Instagram and they share a lot of pictures about the things they do: even their engagement.

People call him a human Swiss Knife since he is so good at handling various weapons. He is known to be good both with knives, pistols and other similar stuff.

He owns a lot of those at home: a Beretta M9 Pistol and a SR-25 semi-auto sniper too. He doesn’t really hunt or use them, but just goes to shooting practices sometimes so he doesn’t forget his skills.

Quick summary

Full name: Will Willis

Date of birth: February 13th, 1975

Birthplace: NA

Age: 43

Profession: TV person

Height: 5ft 11 inch

Weight: NA

Net Worth: NA