Boxing is one of the most popular sports today, but for several decades back in the past boxing has been classified into extreme sports. Although many people still have prejudices about this sport, we must admit that this sport has become one of the most popular sports today.

A large number of young people train this sport, and many believe that in a few years this sport will become more popular than basketball. When we talk about famous boxers, we need to mention one name, which is Terence Crawford.

Although he is only 31 years old, he has become one of the most popular and best boxers in the world. His talent is not recognized only in America, but around the world. Terence was named the best boxer twice in his career, and this recognition helped him to improve his career and develop his talent.

In addition to boxing, Terence also dominates in other combat categories, in 2015 and 2016, this talented man was the world champion in welterweight. Nevertheless, Terence acknowledges that he has been tortured during his lifetime, but he eventually managed to realize his dreams and become one of the best boxers of today.

We must say that his beginnings were not great, but he never gave up of his dreams and he was ready to fight to the last moments.

Terence has repeatedly said that his parents did not believe he could achieve great success, but Terence proved otherwise. Interestingly, Terence is the only boxer in history of this sport who dominated in all four categories in the box, he was champion of WBA, WBC, IBF and WBO.

His big career ascension took place in 2005, when he became champion in the WBA, after which Terence worked hard on his game, focused on the technique and achieved incredible successes.

At the beginning of his career, Terence was completely alone; he did not have the support of his parents, friends, or other athletes.

Nevertheless, he did not want to give up, although the others did not believe in him, Terence believed in himself and in his dreams. He was ready to work devotedly, to sacrifice himself and to become a champion.

Since 2005, his career has gone well, although today he has 31 years of age, Terence continues to achieve success. He was named the second best boxer in 2019, while the boxer who was in the first place is even seven years younger than Terence.

From the very beginning of his career, sports critics and his colleagues did not believe that Terence could become successful, they predicted a short career, but Terence, despite all the obstacles, managed to become the best. We must note that many boxers retire from the box after 30 years, while Terence continues to perform and achieves incredible results.

Even after a tremendous success, the audience could not fell in love with this talented athlete, and the reason for this is his private life. Although he is a successful athlete, Terence does not hide from the public that he frequently consumes alcohol and drugs, he has also been in prison several times.

His most serious crime took place in 2014, when his former girlfriend reported him for psychological and physical abuse. She has said several times that she was sexually abused, and that Terence had beaten her for years.

When we are talking about his career, we must admit that Terence is one of the best and most successful boxers in the world, he won numerous awards and recognitions. However, besides careers in this text, we will disclose all information about this athlete, we will talk about his childhood, growing up, his parents and his private life.

Early life

Terence grew up in Omaha, and during his childhood he faced harsh living conditions. During many interviews, Terence discovered that he had not had a happy childhood, and that he was very lonely. His parents were not with him and they never gave him support, when he became a successful athlete, they wanted to be with him, but Terence thought it was too late.

He spent his childhood with his grandmother, who was his only support. Since the beginning of his career, Terence has been under a lot of pressure from the public, many sports critics did not appreciate his work, and his colleagues thought that Terence would never become successful, yet his grandmother had always believed in him and his talent.

During his childhood, Terence did not have many friends, he spent most of his time with his grandmother. His first steps in the box began very early, with only 8 years Terence began to train the box. Although his grandmother thought it was a very rough sport, she decided to support him and stay with him on this road.

The greatest tragedy in his life was when he was 12 years old, when his grandmother died. In many interviews, Terence discovered that this was the most difficult moment in his life, but then decided to become even more successful and never to look back in the past.

During the elementary school, Terence was a very good student, and during his free time he continued to train the box. In addition to the box, Terence was a great fan of basketball, but during the high school he decided to devote himself fully to the box in order to achieve the best possible results. Terence had 15 amateur fights before he became a professional boxer.

As an amateur, Terence achieved great results and showed great talent, his coach contributed greatly to his success. It is important to note that Terence won two world champions in the box during his amateur encounters.

The Olympic Games, which were held in 2008, had a great impact on the future development of his career, at this competition, Terence won his first prize. This success further motivated him, so he won the three boxer tournaments that were held in America next year.


After a great success at the Olympic Games, Terence officially became a professional boxer. This title was a great motivation for him, but on the other hand it was also a big responsibility. Terence was aware that he must improve his game, fix his strategy and become even more successful. 2008 was a great year for him because at that time his first professional match was held.

His first match ended very successfully, because he knocked out his opponent Brian Cummings, in the first round. After this fight, Terence had several smaller matches on which he had good results.

However, his first big match was against Brandon Rios and Mike Alvarado, these boxers had excellent statistics and both were the champions of the WBA, in both matches, Terence managed to win.

In 2013, Crawford met with the Russian champion Klimov, the fight was held in New York. Klimov had excellent results, and he was undefeated in many categories, this fight was announced as the biggest boxes event that took place in 2013. Crawford managed to beat Klimov in the sixth round, and caused him very serious injuries.

During his interview with ABC Sport, Terence said that the toughest match in his career was in his hometown. He admitted that he could not sleep before the match, he was very nervous and he was not sure if he would be able to relax from the pressure of the crowd.

In 2015, Terence fought for the first time as a professional boxer in his hometown, against Olympic gold winners Yuriorkis Gamboa.

In this duel, Gamboa had a little advantage, he had a greater experience as a double world champion and gold winner at the world’s largest competition. At the beginning of the match, it seemed that Gamboa was winning, his moves were very fast, and his strategy was great.

However, during the sixth and seventh rounds, Terence managed to regain his confidence. The match ended in the ninth round with the victory of Terence.

After this victory, Terence was named for the best active boxer in the world. It was clear that his game had made a lot of progress, and his strategy became much better and more successful.

During his interview with ABC Sport, Terence said he never believed he would achieve great success, and become a world champion.

Still, he believed in himself, but he never dreamed of achieving this success. Terence then sent a message to young people to believe in themselves, to follow their dreams and never give up.

Personal life

People pay a lot of attention on his private life, mostly because of the numerous trials and offenses he has committed. In addition to this, the big scandal happened in 2014, when his ex girlfriend accused him of sexual abuse. His girlfriend accused her boyfriend of abuse during the Realty TV Show.

After several days, the police reacted so that Terence was questioned about this case. Terence was completely relaxed about this subject, saying that his girlfriend wanted to turn her attention to herself and become popular. After a year, this case was officially closed because there was not enough evidence.

Nevertheless, his girlfriend continued to talk publicly about her ex-boyfriend, she discovered that she had been a victim of violence for years, that Terence sexually abused her and kept her locked in the house for days.

Terence spent 20 days in prison for the robbery, shortly after this incident, Terence, together with his friends, rob the gas station and he was found guilty. He was sentenced to two months in prison, but Terence spent only ten days in jail, after which he paid a bail of $ 10,000.

Quick summary

Full name: Terence Crawford

Nickname: Terence

Date of birth: February 28th 1987

Age: 32

Birthplace: Omaha, Nebraska, U.S.

Profession/Occupation: Boxer

Net worth: about $20 million

Height: 5 feet 8 inch

Weight: 86 kg