Chris Webber is a well known retired American professional basketball personality who had started his career by getting associated with the Detroit Country Day School.  He was a core member of the of his high school basketball squad. He had won several Championships and by winning the MHSAA State Championship for three consecutive times. Chris was a prominent face in his high school team and had also held high for the teams as MVP, serving McDonald’s and the outstanding team Dapper Dan All-Star games.

His net worth is estimated somewhere around $140 million to date.  His long stature is quite prominent in making him receive the John R. Wooden Award.

Early life

Chris was born on 1st March 1973 in Detroit, Michigan, United States of America. Chris got himself enrolled in the Detroit Country Day School. He got interested in playing Basketball at a very early age. While Chris was in school, he got recruited by the Michigan High School player. Later on, he decided to attend the University of Michigan.

He got his education from the Michigan University that can be considered his favorite area for getting rejuvenated.He was brought up along with her brother David, who is also a well known in NBA.Chris’s nickname is C-Web, and he is known by this name widely.


He got selected by the team Orlando Magic while making the draft of 1993 NBA.  His prize money was $ 176 million while his service session at NBA. During his first year, he was successful in winning the NBA Rookie of the Year Award where his average points were recorded as 17.5 points and had fetched a rebound point of 9.1. In the year 2005, along with his teammates Michael Bradley and Matt Barnes, Chris Webber was finally traded to the team Philadelphia 76ers in the session of 2006-07. But he decided to leave Philadelphia before ending the agreement in 2007. In that very year, he made his way through the Detroit Pistons where he always wanted to belong to.

He has also played for the teams like Golden State Warrior, Wizard Sacramento Kings, Washington Bullets, Philadelphia 76ers and the famous squad of Detroit Pistons.He has suffered a lot of crisis situations while proceeding with his career.  Ones Chris was suspended for eight consecutive games as he was continuously violating the rules laid down by the NBA’s drug policy and has pleaded for several times in front of the grand jury,  who is the ultimate authority. He retired after having to experience a career of 15 long years. Webber was successful in releasing his first rap album in the year 1999. He gave it a wonderful title “2 Much Drama”.

But unfortunately the sale of the album was noticeably low, and it was a major flop. Chris was never concerned about his career but was more concerned about the quality of life.  He is having a philanthropist approach towards life from the very beginning. During his early childhood days, he was much into helping people selflessly and even boosting them up emotionally. He was into helping people during their financial crisis. He had devoted himself to charity from an early age of 20.

He was successful in establishing a charity foundation named “Timeout Foundation” that was into making the young aspirant get hold to several opportunities and instill the adherence towards the recreational activities. He was quite associated with several NGO’s and supported the youth by assisting both emotionally and financially.  The kids, who opted for choosing a career in basketball, remained under his training. He is an active figure in the social media sites and is available on Twitter as well as Instagram.He even has an official website

His complete biography of his upbringing and early childhood days can be available on the site Chris was honored with the title Mr. Basketball during his tenure of 1990-1991. He was even responsible for making his school represent several Championships. After he joined the University of Michigan, he went on receiving ample opportunities to portray his skills. His team became as famous as the well-known team “Fab Five.” He understood that being on the team he cannot ever get successful individually and henceforth decided to become separate and worked on for individual development.

He is well known for his extraordinary talents that are very uncommon among talents.  He is a favorite personality among the sponsorers.  He spends much time un making endorsement deals with some of the trusted brands. Apart from having a flourishing basketball career, he is a proud owner of many restaurants and has even made way into the line of business with fashion segment and expensive perfumes that are meant for the aristocrats. He is a charming personality who is surrounded by wealth and fame.

Personal life

Chris seems to have a glaring personality and his personal life full of scandalous affairs.  Media has put a constant spotlight on Chris’s personal life.  The first woman is his life was Nia Long who was an eminent actress.  But the relation never lasted for long.  It never took a long time for Nia to call as Chris’s ex-girlfriend. Nia complained against Chris’s bisexual complication that was not at all assumed beforehand. Then he dated the actress named Tracee Ellis Ross and broke up in the year 2000.

He also got romantically involved with Laura Govan and the couple dated each other for almost three years but soon broke up due to some misunderstanding.

He began dating an American singer named Brandy in the year 2003, but they broke up just after seven months. He even dated the eminent television personality Ananda Lewis, but after two long years the couple broke up. These personalities were dated before dating Nia Long, but just after having a split with Nia, Chris never had time to waste as he had entered into another relationship with the eminent personality, Tyra Banks. But Tyra too couldn’t last her relation long.  She too faced some complication regarding Chris’s behavior. Tyra too had some problem on her part. She openly announced that she was linked with some of the well-known personalities romantically, though she never discussed the names, but claimed that she was cheated by many men throughout her whole life.

Tyra was humble enough not to discuss openly his ex-boyfriends Chris, but skeptically media had drawn intriguing note that does Tyra considers Chris to be among those abusive men who cheated on her? Chris has never gone into any marriage till dating Tyra Banks, so there is no question of going for a divorce.

But on meeting Erika Dates, he fell in love at first sight. Erika is quite a matured lady, who has right managed the emotional basketball player. Erika is the president of the Social Butterflies Mentoring Program that can be considered to an association of private ceremony held in her home at Atlanta. The news was reported by the newspaper Washington Daily News.  The couple got married in the year 2009, and a private ceremony was held with only 200 guests, some of the relatives and friends. Chris never wanted to sensationalize the marriage ceremony inviting the media personals.

The couple got blessed with twin,  a girl, and a boy after eight years of marriage.  The two hearts are happy to be with each other and are having no rumors of an extramarital affair from either side. Chris became a father for the first time, and this proves that all allegations regarding his sexuality were not worthy enough to be discussed. Erika and Chris are leaving a happy conjugal life in their hometown.

Quick summary:

Full Name: Mayce Edward Christopher Webber

Date of Birth: 1st March 1973

Birth Place: Detroit, Michigan, United States of America

Age: 45 Year Old

Profession: Basketball player

Height: 6 Feet 10 Inches / 2.08 m.

Weight: 111 Kg

Net worth: $140 Million