Toby Joe Turner is a famous YouTube personality, actor, musician, and comedian. He has about 15 million subscribers to his channel. The estimated net worth of Toby Turner is about $4.2 million. He s one amongst the highly followed You Tuber.  A huge amount of income also comes from the advertisements posted on his channel.

He has also made his presence in the movie, The Great Gilly Hopkins and this in turn has increased his net worth. Toby Turner is also known on stage as Tobuscus.

He has attended the University of Florida. He has acquired degree in telecommunication production. He was born in 1985, March 3. He hails from Osborn, in Mississippi. He was brought up at Niceville, in Florida.

He started posting videos in YouTube by May 14, 2006. His channel was titled as Tobuscus. He has done his first video as a sketch of the movie, Click, and was titled as What I’d do with the remote from click. One of his crowd-pulling video was Don’t Tase Me, Bro! Besides YouTube, he is also popular with his TV and movie roles.

Now, Toby Turner has 3 channels on YouTube. One is named as Tobuscus and it has been rated as the 35th highly subscribed channel and has subscriber strength of 4,200,000. Another channel owned by him is a gaming one named as TobyGames. TobyGames has been selected as the 26th highly subscribed channel with subscriber strength of about 5,000,000. Toby Turner is his third channel, which is a Vlog and has about 1,600,000 subscribers.

All of his videos were viewed almost more than 2 billion times in social media. He has enacted in a show in Cartoon Network, named as The Annoying Orange. He was the only human character in this show. He has also joined with Philip DeFranco in Like Totally Awesome and Cute Win Fail. The Like Totally Awesome was a game based channel which was aired between 2000s and 2010.

In the year 2013, July, Toby has signed a contract with the Marker Studios.

He has also worked along with lot of other internet personalities like Joe Penna, iJustine, Jack Douglass. He has worked on a lot of projects with Jack Douglass which includes Tobjackscus, Dubstep Tobuscus, Take Off Your Clothes, Razors In Your Apple as well as The Valentine’s Day Song.

He was also involved in an internet series titled CuteWinFail.

Quick Summary:

Full name: Toby Joe Turner

Date of birth: 1985, March 3

Birth place: Osborn, Mississippi

Age: 31 Years

Profession: Internet Personality, Comedian, Vlogger

Height: 1.79 m

Weight: 79 Kg

Net worth: $4.2 million

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