Todd Hoffman is an American TV personality who is best known for his appearance on the Discovery’s show Gold Rush.

His estimated net worth is around 1.2$ million.

Early life

Todd Hoffman was born in 1973 in Oregon. He was mostly inspired by his father who was a gold prospector during the eighties and he often talked about how much influence he had on Todd. Growing up Todd learned that life is sometimes a gamble and that you need to risk in order to earn money.

His father’s goal was to find enough gold to provide for his family and to become rich. His father’s ambition never became a reality but it was enough to motivate Todd to pursue his career in gold mining.

Mining career

Todd never talked about his education too much. After his father failed to find a big amount of gold, he gathered few people who were also struggling with money at that time, and went to Porcupine Creek in Alaska to search for gold. But, even before he got into mining he tried to start-up an aviation company, but he failed big time.

To repay his debt he got into mining and started his search for gold.

Another goal of his and his team-mates, was to form some sort of community of people who wish to spend their life in the wild and away from everything modern. Obviously he has moved away from that idea, since his biggest preoccupation right now is the Discovery’s reality TV show Gold Rush.

The Gold Rush series

When Discovery Channel decided to air a new series called Gold Rush, miners with soul and talent were needed. One of them was certainly Todd Hoffman. Even though he had struggles with previous businesses he never gave up on his big dream.

He is often described as the motivator in the show, and a person who is a living proof that dreams can come true. Todd is also the risk-taker of the show and an adrenaline junkie. He often goes for big which is very amusing for the growing audience.

His father Jack Hoffman has also been a part of the show and a part of his son’s team. Since he is completely devoted to his mining career and the show, most of his net worth is based on those earnings.

The growing audience of the show will certainly add up to the popularity and his earnings. Some suggest that he earns around 200 and 400 thousand dollars per year for his appearance on the show but we can never know the exact number.

Private life

Todd Hoffman rarely speaks about his private life and his work is the main theme in the show. He is happily married to Shauna Hoffman and the couple has two kids together. He has never been a subject of rumors related to his private life and he often describes himself as a family man.

His wife and his children have often been guests on the show but besides their names there hasn’t been any other information about their private lives.

His love for taking risks is something most viewers of the show have talked about. Hoffman certainly goes for extremes, and while in one of the seasons he managed to dig out more gold than in all three seasons combined in another he failed completely.

His biggest trademark is his goatee. He often says that he is worried about too much media attention being brought to his children and private life so he likes to stay as private as he can.

Quick summary:

Full Name: Todd Hoffman

Date of Birth: 1973

Birth Place: Oregon

Age: 43 years

Profession: reality TV star, miner

Height: 1.78 m

Weight: 90 kg

Net worth: 1.2$ million