Tom Cruise Net Worth 2019, Age, Height, Weight

Tom Cruise Net Worth 2019, Age, Height, Weight

A brilliant actor, a producer and probably the best known Scientologist on the planet, Tom Cruise is one of those celebrities you would always think of when speaking of glamorous, exiting and famed Hollywood movie realm.

He was interested in acting while still in high school; however, if you like inspiring tales and trivia, it turned out a knee injury actually paved his way to Hollywood stardom. Cruise became an amazing A-List actor, known for numerous titles. We also know him as one of the highest paid actors o planed, with an estimated net worth of nearly $500 million. Charming actor is also known for his love life, particularly marriages to actresses Nicole Kidman and Katie Holmes.

Tom Cruise was born in Syracuse, New York, July 3rd 1962. His mother Mary was a schoolteacher, but also an amateur actress. Tom’s father, however, was an electrical engineer, so the family has spent a great deal of time moving around the United States, due to Thomas Mapother’s current job position. Tom also has three sisters. Their parents had separated and all four of children stayed with Mary. After their mother got remarried, they eventually moved to New Jersey.

Due to his dyslexia condition, Tom had difficulties to achieve any significant academic success. However, he proved to be an excellent sportsmen; he was brilliant in athletics, wrestling in particular. It seemed he’d started an extraordinary wrestling career, until knee injury that slowed his sport career way. Thanks to this sad event, Cruise focused more on his desire to become an actor, which eventually turned to be a real deal.

One of fun facts about Tom Cruise’s life is that he actually thought of becoming a priest, but he abandoned the thought shortly after. His first on stage performance came when Tom was 16 of age. He won the lead role in his school’s version of musical “Guys and Dolls”. Tom found that experience quite interesting and the world of stage alluring, setting himself a ten-year deadline to become an achieved actor.

Young Tom was particularly devoted to his goal. He had moved to NY and applied for numerous auditions. In 1981, Tom got his first movie roles, in “Endless Love”and “Taps”. After the appearance in not so well received “The Outsiders” from 1983, Cruise has sealed his A-list reputation. He played in box office hit “Risky Business” and the famed “Top Gun”, which made an enormous success. Other recognizable titles have followed: “Rain Man” with Dustin Hoffman, “Born on the Fourth July”, “A Few Good Men”, “The Firm”, “An Interview With the Vampire”, “Mission: Impossible” and so on.

Most of the movies Cruise starred in were tremendously successful, earning the incredible amounts of money. Not only those movies got Cruise an uncountable fortune, but they also made him one of the leading Hollywood actors. Cruise could brag himself with numerous awards, such as Golden Globe, Academy Awards, Satellite Awards and many more. Despite his major overall success, Cruise has never won an Oscar.

This Hollywood heartbreaker has been raising the tabloid headlines ever since he started dating famous Hollywood women. He’s been married to Nicole Kidman for eleven years; they’ve eventually announced their separation with an explanation considering the difficulties of their complex careers. Shortly after, Tom dated another Hollywood star, Penelope Cruise, but their relationship didn’t last.

After breaking up with Penelope, Cruise started dating Katie Holmes. Their much-publicized relationship grew into marriage, after Tom proposed Katie in a restaurant in Eifel Tower. They’ve got married in 2005 and announced Katie’s pregnant just a few months after celebration. The romance, however, didn’t last for so long. Several years after their daughter Suri was born, Tom and Katie have separated. As Katie claimed afterwards, the main reason for their split was her intention to keep her daughter away from Scientology practice.

Apart from his astounding Hollywood career success, romantic affairs and love life drama, Cruise has made even greater publicity by his open advocacy for Scientology. More than once Cruise has publically claimed Scientology should be the only true way of healing and living. None of the dramatic claims and events in Cruise’s turbulent personal life has affected his position as an A-list actor. During the 2000s, Cruise has kept the line of successful roles and movies. He made great successes with “Mission: Impossible 2” and “Mission: Impossible 3”, “Vanilla Sky”, “The Last Samurai”, “War of The Worlds”, “Lions for Lambs”, “Valkyrie” and more. The “Mission: Impossible” franchise has even two more successful installments. Cruise is still ambitious and deep dedicated to his acting career, showing not a single sign of slowdown.

His enormous wealth made him easy to enjoy his Hollywood A-status life. Cruise owns three glamorous homes, at Beverly Hills, Telluride in Colorado and New York. He also indulges himself with expensive vehicles, cars, yachts and jets. He is rumored to own more luxury properties, besides those three. Cruise supports his Scientology church both with his public claims and financially.

Tom Cruise is certainly one of the most popular Hollywood stars, despite of a great deal of drama and controversial headlines he is also known for. He was ranked the most powerful celebrity by Forbes’ list. Cruise is a planetary popular movie star; he even has a name day celebration in Japan.

Quick Summary

Full Name: Thomas Cruise Mapother IV

Date of Birth: July 3rd 1962

Birth Place: Syracuse, New York, United States

Age: 54

Profession: Actor, producer

Height: 5ft 7in (1.7 m)

Weight: 77kg

Net Worth: $480 million

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