‘The Curse of Oak Island’, a reality show telecasted by the History Channel has introduced Marty Lagina with the world as a whole and at once. Now the famous American personality of the television world is an engineer and owns a wine business. He is into energy business many years back and was doing successfully.

With his brother Rick Lagina and updated technology he is hard trying to solve the mysteries of Oak Island in the guidance of global experts. How much he had solved the mystery of life can be well understood by his earnings.

Though age is undisclosed, by his all endeavor Marty had managed to build a massive amount of money for himself during his life time, which is definitely not less than $2 million dollars. The show in its third season had indicated that Marty will be accumulating even more worth in the coming time.

Early life

As he has roamed in the Oak Island to uncover the mystery, the media or the other sources is still away from his early childhood days. His birth details are not furnished to the world where he performs as reality star. Only that he is an Italian descent and has first seen the sky of Kingsford, Michigan, Upper Peninsula where he still dwells.

In 1979 when still Marty was putting his effort to earn a degree in law he was engaged in the post of petroleum engineer of some local companies. He founded Terra Energy Limited after getting the degree in law. The company was then engaged in the development of resources for shale gas in Michigan and was looking forward to be the largest operator in the line of shale gas. He handed over his business to CMS for 58 million dollars in 1995.

Marty’s family is somehow got ties with Italy for their business in wine. From the Villa Mari which is at Michigan, he has given his effort in making quality red wines. Villa Mari had emerged from the base of Italian ancestry. The most decisions that are taken at the Villa Mary is depended on Marty’s shoulder. Marty is in the American Society of Mechanical Engineers and State Bar of Michigan.


The well known television reality star had worked in many other series before being casted in the much awaited ‘The Curse of Oak Island’. As the fortune hunter doesn’t know when the mystery would be revealed, the same was going with Marty, the breakthrough was not coming up. It is already stated that before getting famous Marty was already doing his business in wine and also have served different companies with his engineering ability.

As the wine gushes out of the glass, Marty has come out to the world from nowhere taking the hand of History Channel through ‘The Curse of Oak Island’. Along with his brother Rick Lagina, Marty is playing the major role in the reality series. The two brothers with the help of experts and modern technical knowledge are trying to solve the mystery of the Oak Island. Rick and Marty are toiling in the island to discover the treasures underneath and artifacts which are buried under the island.

The two brothers are desperately trying to know the history of the island which can make them unfold the mystery. Rick and Marty were encouraged by an article about Restall family, which came up in the famous Reader’s Digest Magazine. The reality show was initiated by the Prometheus Entertainment when they met the Lagina brothers on their tour of Oak Island. The brothers trying to explore the artifacts with Dave and Dan Blankenship, who stay in the island.

Marty usually prefers to be with his brother Rick. Marty was in big doubt about the treasure in the island which was reflected as he demanded the proof for the project before any hunt was made in search of the treasure. But his good earning from the energy business had enabled him to sponsor the adventure for the unknown treasures.

From this early young age Marty was always obsessed in enormous wealth which is mysterious and hence left no stone unturned. The show demonstrates the various methods and techniques applied by the Lagina brothers with the help of experts to bring out the hidden treasures of Oak Island.

Personal life

Marty’s life is restricted to the world of small screens and some engagement in engineering and wine manufacturer. He had made himself to be a real hero who is known only for his life adventure in the Oak Island.

There is no information available regarding his personal life, which always make his fans enquire actually who Marty Lagina is?

Quick summary:

Full Name: Marty Lagina

Date of Birth: Not Disclosed

Birth Place:

Age: NA

Profession: Engineer, Television Personality, Entrepreneur

Height: 5 Feet 8 Inch

Weight: NA

Net worth: $2 million