Sue Aikens or Susan Aikens is a reality T.V. star known for her appearance in the documentary television series ‘Life Below Zero’ which airs on National Geography. The show documents the struggle for survival of some people living in the remote areas of Alaska.

She runs her own river camp in which she hosts other hunters. Aikens posses the skill of fishing and hunting. Sue’s fame is not only limited to Life Below Zero, but she is also associated with three other T.V. shows.

Sue is a tough nut and fights all odds of nature with a great deal of bravery. She has been running her camp for the past 13 years, and even a bear attack could not bring her morales down. Sue’s bravery had often led people to believe that she must have been in the military at some point, but she never was.

Early Life

Sue Aikens was born on 1 July 1963. She was born in Chicago, but she moved to Alaska with her mother after her parents got divorced. It was in Alaska that she developed her immense love for nature.

Sue’s mother often left her to fight alone in the harsh conditions of Alaska, and maybe all those encounters at a young age with the wild age made her the robust lady that she is today.

Aiken’s grandparents used to run an environment-friendly wilderness camp, which created the interest in camping in Sue. Sue went to Lowell Whiteman School as a child.


Sue has been running her camp, Kavik River Camp, for the last 13 years. Aikens bought the land for the camp from a company for which she used to work earlier. The camp is situated 197 miles away from the Arctic Circle and is a little distance away from the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge.

Kavik River Camp is quite successful, and Sue does a fine job in the running in it. The camp is a fine site for hunting and bird watching.

Sue hosts her visitors in the camp mainly in the months from June to September, i.e., before the winter sets off and the camp is set in complete isolation as all ties with the world are cut off.

The very fact that Sue is still managing to run the camp in such a remote place tells us a lot about how much business it gets. Visitors are quite regular in the camp.

In the Kavik River Camp for the entertainment of the visitors, unique self-guided tours for hunting and fishing.

The cost of living in the Kavik River Camp goes up to $350 dollars per day $4500 for a week, for one person. Since space in the Kavik River Camp is limited, Sue serves her visitors on a first come first serve basis.

Sue’s first ever television appearance was in the show called Sarah Palin’s’ Alaska in 2010. Sue’s next appearance was on Flying Wild Alaska. The National Geography crew spotted her on Flying Wild Alaska and knew that she would make a great show for them too. Sue was then cast in the National Geography show Life Below Zero and this show brought her all the fame that she is accustomed to now.

In 2007, Aikens was attacked by a bear. Aikens did manage to kill the bear but only after getting severely injured. Aikens didn’t receive any medical attention for days after her encounter with the bear as her contact was cut off. A local pilot after trying and failing to get in any contact with Aikens came there to investigate, and it was then that Aikens was found in the injured condition. This happened almost after 10 days after the attack.

Sue filed a lawsuit against BBC Worldwide Reality Productions, claiming that the production house forced her to do some life endangering activities just to get good content for their show.

Personal Life

Sue had 3 husbands in the past. Her last husband left her for another woman, and she has been single since then.Aikens has three children, two daughters and a son and two grandchildren. Not much is known about Sue’s personal life as she is very private about her and believes that it’s nobody’s business to know about it.

Even after living in such an isolated place Sue has managed to acquire a net worth of $500000, all thanks to her river camp and the show Life Below Zero.

Quick Summary

Full Name: Susan Aikens

Date of Birth: 1st July 1963

Birth Place: Chicago

Age: 54 years

Profession: T.V. Personality

Height: NA

Weight: NA

Net Worth: $500000