Trip Lee is a Texas born rapper and an author and is also known as the man who founded an American Christian hip hop group named “116 Clique”. He is known as a good preacher and is involved in evangelic religion.

Early years

He was born as William Lee Barefield III. On December 17, 1987 in Dallas in Texas. He has spent all of his childhood age there. He wasn’t interested only in music at first: his original dream as a kid was to become a professional athlete. After discovering hip-hop, he turned to music and rap.

He was only twelve when he started to create his own music and lyrics and rapped about almost everything. He made beats and freestyled to anyone who gave attention to him.

When he reached 14 he discovered Christ and Gospel and turned away from the regular rapping lyrics which consisted of praising women, money and fame – he turned to praising Christ.

His grandmother who he loved and respected learned him about The Bible and life in faith so it touched his soul and made jim become a devoted Christian.

That is when he decided to do only Christian hip hop. His role models where Ambassador and Da T.R.U.T.H. who were already deep in Christian rapping.

He also wanted to become a teacher and a preacher of God’s words so when he was 17 he was already ready to preach his first sermon as a leader of a Christian Youth Group.

His meeting with Lecrae Moore, a recording artist who was also focused on Christ’s word, changed his life due to the fact that Lecrae became his mentor.

Trip Lee was one of his proteges and he has let him to write about theological matters and the website of LeCrae’s Reach Records.

Career development

He eventually signed a contract with the same label and they released his first album „If They Only Knew“ when he turned 18. He graduated in 2006 and decided that he will devite himself to religion.

In 2008, Reach Records released his 2nd album named „20/20“ and it was a huge success. He peaked at No.11 on Billboard Christian Chart.

It went high on the Gospel Chart: to No.4. His 3rd album „Between two Worlds“ was released in 2010 and was produced by G-Styles and Big Juice.

Trip Lee became very popular amongst people and Lee travelled all through the states, meeting thousands and thousands of his fans.

He was invited to preach not only in Churches but also on various events, conferences and Christian groups. He was a big inspiration to youth all across America.

In 2011, he released a single „Brag on My Lord“ which gained big success, after which follows „King Like Mine“. “Brag on My Lord” was one of the most listened songs on Christian charts in that year.

His 4th album came in 2012 under the name „The Good Life“ and was featured by many artists such as Sho Baraka, Suty Rock and KB.

His first book named „The Good Life“ was released in 2012. The book was sold very fast and it showed him the magnitude of his popularity, although it meant little to him.

He wrote how he became connected with God in his teen years, how he decided to become a preacher and how he brought God closer to people through Hip-Hop.

In 2012, Trip Lee decided it was time to move away from music and turn to more serious Christian work as a pastor and leader.

He went on his final tour the same year: it was „The Unashamed 2012 tour“.

He started training and learning to become a pastor and is still in that field. Although his disease is slowing him down, he stands firmly and stubbornly by God’s side.1

After a while, he realized that he cannot be without music so he started maiking music again.

In 2014 he released his new 5th album named „Rise“ which was followed by a book : „Rise: Get Up and Live in God’s Great Story“.

In 2016 another of his albums wa released, under the name „Waiting Room“. All of his albums are devoted to God and his children he loves.

In 2017 he received a GMA Dove Aweard for his album „The Waiting Room“. Lee is an Evangelic Christian which means he is a protestant who beleives in „born again experience“ which takes them closer to God.

Personal life

He married Jessica Barefield in 2009 and they have a son and a daughter together. Jessica is also involved in religion and is a great support for him.

Lee suffers from a chronical fatigue syndrome which causes him problems but he has a big faith in God and believes that he can overcome evrything.

This disease also caused him a problem in school and at collegge sinc he was always tired and could sleep 15 hours a day when he was under disease’s influence.

He entered Philadelphia Biblical University (today called Cairn University) but couldn’t finish it due to his disease. During college he met his wife Jessica.

He also attended classes of Southern Baptist Theological Semmary in Kentucky because of his desire to learn how to become a good theacher to his church.

He was in the ninth grade when his youth pastor named Stephen Brown gave him the position of a student leader in Dallas Concord Church because he saw his potential.

„Christianity Today“ named him as one of the most influental Christians under 30 in America.

His son’s name is Q and daughter is named Selah. The family moved from Capital Hill to Atlanta, to a poorer neighbourhood because they wanted to be in a place where their help is most needed.

He is different from the stereptipes brought by other rappers because he doesn’t rap about wonen and money but about faith and doing kind things all life. His songs are devoted to God and used as a preaching and teaching tool for everyone who wants to listen.

Quick summary

Full name: William Lee Barefield III

Date of birth: December 17, 1987

Birthplace:  Dallas,  Texas, United States

Age: 31

Profession: pastor, rapper, author

Height: NA

Weight: NA

Net Worth: $3 million