Trill Sammy is a young Texas rapper who became popular almost overnight due to popularity of his songs that he posted on his social media account.

He is mostly recognized for his famous songs “Trappin'” and “Wholesale”.

Early life:

He was born as Samuel Michael Perrares Garcia on November 30, 1997 in Houston in Texas in the USA.

He is of Puerto Rican and African American descent. He is very proud of his origins and oftenly mentions it.

He was an ordinary kid leading an ordinary life: skipping school when he was bored, hanging around, sometimes even getting in trouble. But highschool time was a period where he started getting interested in rapping.

He created his own unique rap style which was very easy to follow.

Career development:

He started posting videos of his frestyle rapping on social media, especially Vine. This social media platform made him famous and the people watching him found him very likeable so they became his followers.

Vine is a known platform which helped many artists to succeed.

After he posted his first Tweets which showed his freestyle rapping, there was nobody surprised as much as him by the attention he got.

Some of his tweets were retweeted over ten thousand times in just seven days.

He says that it was a sign that showed him that he has to take his music career more seriously.

His first hit song was named “Trappin” and it became a success on Vine. The hit was followed by singles “Like Martin” and “Wholesale” which was released in 2015.

“Trappin”  is his most popular and most streamed single which garnered over five million times on SoundCloud and the video has more than four million views on YouTube.

He is a very popular person on social media. Trill has over half a million followers on his Instagram account, a few thousands on Twitter and from the way it seems, he will gain even more.

Interesting enough, most of his followers on social media platforms are women.

In 2015 he made a collaboration with Born Stunna named “Netflix and Chill” who became viral and gave him even more online attention.

His sound is often compared to the sound of Lil Uzi Vert and to Migos, getting really close to the sound of Atlanta rappers. Yet, his style of rapping is pretty special and people like it because its’s different, yet sounds like some good old classics.

Another collab with Dice Soho, a known Houston rapper, brought him to the limelight. Their single “Just Watch” was one of the most listened tunes in that period. Dice is also known as the leading member of Icey Gang rap group.

In 2016 the young star released “Check Out” and his first EP called “Red Album” was featured with prominent rappers such as Soulja Boy ( on the “Trappin’ ” track), Slum Thug and Kirko Bangz. The EP was produced by Fredonem.

Dice Solo, Chedda Da Connect and Kenny2G are some of the artists that made guest appearances on his album.

The album had nine tracks with singles “You See Us”  and “Rick Ross”.

“Trappin'” EP came out in the summer of the same year and it included hits like “Uber Everywhere”.

He signed on to Slim Thug and Kirko Bangz and today he is promoting his new rap style.

He released his second EP “Sorry 4 the Sleep” in 2017.

He was featured on BrizzyBren’s “What we want” single.

He went on a tour across the US  all the way from Texas to Arizona.

He made a lot of money through his social media network and his top upload this year is “Trill Sammy x Trappin Shot” and it has been viewed more than few million times until today.

Personal life:

There aren’t any special information about his family but he often mentions his mother. He is very close to her and at first she couldn’t believe that he became a star.

When people asked him for his autobiography when he was somewhere out with his mother, she always thought it was his friends acting on his persuasion. It was funmy seing her think it was all acting, he claims.

Mizz Twerksum is his current girlfriend and they started dating in 2017. They have confirmed their relationship on their social media accounts. They also oftenly post pictures that feature their nights out.

Mizz Twerksum is a part of the duo Queens of Twerk with her friend Lady Luscious.

He is a big fan of tattooes and has his chest and shoulders covered in tattoos. His girlfriend also has some great tattoos on the body.

Quick summary

Full name:  Samuel Michael Perrares Garcia

Date of birth: November 30, 1997

Birthplace: Houston, Texas

Age: 20

Profession: rapper

Height: 1, 88m

Weight: 67 kgs

Net Worth: $300,000