Iggy hails from the land of Australia and is an exceptional Hip Hop star.  She is an eminent name in the world of rap and even before turning 16; she has marked upon with a new beginning making rap singles.

She is even part of the Wilhelmina Models International and signed with it for full time. She came into limelight after being on the cover page of the hip-hop magazines XXL. Iggy is, in fact, the Australian rapper of whom people started keeping account off.

Her efforts were enlisted under the category of Billboard singles and then she came up with another single follow up titled “Black Widow.” She was also featured in the series of Ariana Grande’s No two smash titled “Problem.” Her net worth is evaluated somewhere around a quantitative amount of 6 million dollars. Though some net worth evaluating sites declares it to be around $ 10 million.

Early life

Amethyst Amelia Kelly is the birth name of Iggy, the rapper, and models who hail from Australia.  She was born on 7th June 1990 in Mullumbimby, New South Wales, Australia. Iggy was born in a financially sound family and got supportive parents Brenden and Tanya Kelly. Her father was into painting and was a professional comic artist, and her mother worked for the housekeeping services in the hotel. Iggy was into listening rap at a very age of 12 years.

She was just growing up and soon started realizing her passions and interest area. Her family resided in an area where there were about 3000 residents though being a rural town. Iggy took initiation to form a rap band along with her two best friends, but soon became alienated as she saw the group was not at all serious and she was never late to dissolve the rap group she came up with. She was sure that she would have to cross many barriers and hurdles to reaching the success.

When she was hardly 16 years old, she decided to move to the United States that is considered the homeland of rap music. Today her parents understand that she had taken a right decision to move to the United States to pursue her career as she is a successful rapper today.

Her professional modeling portfolios are appreciated all around. No such information is there about her academic degrees as she was into music since her childhood days.

She was never interested in prospering with studies but still had good results. As her mother was into housekeeping profession, she was used to visiting courtier parties, and often went for small function and organized small concerts according to her potentials. She was quite serious in giving her full efforts in whatever she did. She never competed with anyone but always had focused on what she wanted to achieve.


Just before releasing her debut album, Iggy came up with a controversial single that made her famous among the public. She started off with her modeling career. Her sophomore album got included among the top hit number charts and gained much fame. She was hired for her modeling abilities by some of the famous, influential companies worldwide and got collaborated with them signing deals and agreements and hiking upon her net worth.

She was brave to take upon some of the rigid decisions. Before beginning seriously with her rap band, she dropped out of school and took the troubles to take up the job of housekeeping. People would say that she is whimsical with her decision making but every time she took a step, she proved that she was right with her decision. Her visit to the United States brought about effective results and immense popularity. She started living in the United States of America permanently and prospers with her career there with her exclusive rap styles. Iggy was able to earn her GED successfully just before living the country. She somewhere entered into the illegal money-making sector but became alienated from the practice soon after realizing that she was making a grievous mistake.

After spending some days in Miami, she decided to relocate herself to Atlanta, Georgia.  It was there she lived for many years, training herself. She went for collaborating with many eminent rappers in Atlanta and got influenced by the Southern rap style.  Then she decided to move to the city of Los Angeles and got closer to the rap industry and come up with more releases. In the year 2011, she was independently involved in making her mix tapes with a brilliant title “Ignorant Art.” The mixtape included the highlights of the Southern rap genre with a style of typical trap music.  She was always into making something different every time she released her rap singles individually or being associated with other rappers.  Ones she had gone for a controversial title “Pu$$y” that had been a unique smash hit number listed in the bulletins.

Her successful venture one after the other made her sign a contract with the Wilhelmina Models International and was also selected as the fresh face for the cover page of XXL Magazine.  She was probably the first non-American to come up with such a designation.  She was even a part of the first opening act of the famous XXL Freshman Tour held in the year 2012. Iggy decided to team up with the eminent producer Diplo in the year 2012 to come up with her second mixtape titled “TrapGold.” She took active initiation for further future collaboration with Rita Ora in her tour in 2012. She came up with another contract with the Islands Def Jam and the fabulous Mercury Records the very next year.

After gaining two years of experience, she has released her next debut rap album “The New Classic.” The cast of the album extensively aided the production unit of the album and got seriously involved in developing the hit lyrics of her raps one after the other. She knew the technicalities of blending the raps numbers with the right amount of trap, southern styles rap.  Iggy was sincere with the category of electronic dance segment that is completely a new segment of the rap music genre. Iggy was blessed with a unique melodious tonal texture that made her receive the four Grammy nominations.

She was smart enough make her way through numerous other achievements that brought prosperity by each day.  She enjoyed her success and worked more hard to bring fame all over. By the year 2015, she came up with another album titled “Digital Distortion” and got it scheduled initially to get released in the year 2016. Unfortunately, the release was much delayed and got released in the year 2017 because she couldn’t cooperate with the managerial policies and due to many controversies going on in her personal life.

Personal life

Iggy has been an eminent rapper all though, but her personality is not at all.  She was already away from her parents from a very early age.  She never knew the humbleness of being in a family.

She remained away from them for a long time. While she was in Los Angeles, she started dating the famous Lakers player named Nick Young during the year 2013. Their engagement was announced in the year 2015, but Iggy had decided to get away from him in the year 2016 for some personal issues. The relation got distorted because one of Lakers teammate D’ Angelo Russell went for leaking a video that showed Young’s infidelity.

She was little late with the release of her second album because of the turmoil she had to face in her personal life. In a personal interview with the trusted name Vogue, she flamboyantly and candidly expressed her experience of a successful breast augmentation that she went through then she went for making her nose right. She was humble enough to declare that her stage name is an inspiration of the dog’s name with which she grew up.  She loves it so much that she decided to keep her stage name as Iggy that was the dog’s name.  Her family still resides in the house she grew up in Australia.

After meeting Young, her ex-boyfriend, Iggy moved on the house that costs almost around 3.45 million.  The house belonged to Selena Gomez. The house became a center of attractions and was listed by the couple just after their break up. Iggy went for buying a mansion with her income in the year 2017 and never considered it a big deal.  She decided not to disclose the cost she had to spend and remained away from the glitters of media. Iggy had always been an outspoken girl who is having an outrageous approach towards life.

She never cares about what people say but remained poised to what she thinks it the right path of leading life. Her gestures may be a little crude and unpolished, but nature and mentality are perfect of a good human who cannot stand any backstabbing and is quick enough to move out of such situation say it be career or a relation. She has a long way to go and has more scope climbing the ladder of success.

Iggy hails from Australia though but being an eminent rapper she has gained appreciation from all her fans all around the globe. She is a terrific performer who is responsive enough to the taste and class of his rap lyrics.

Quick summary:

Full Name: Amethyst Amelia Kelly

Date of Birth: 7th June 1990

Birth Place: Mullumbimby, New South Wales, Australia

Age: 28 Year Old

Profession: Rapper, Model

Height: 5 Feet 10 Inches / 1.78 m

Weight: 68 Kg

Net worth: $6 Million