Tyler1 is a gamer who is very famous for his account on a streaming website called Twitch. There he has got almost 2 million followers now and he mostly makes lives about his gameplay of a famous game called League of Legends.

He is from America and is known for much  more things than gaming.

Early years

Tyler Steinkamp was born on March 6th in 1995. However, people rarely know him by this name and they recognize him by the popular nickname loltyler1.

Since childhood, he was very interested in games. First, he enjoyed regular board games and having fun with his siblings. As the digital era started, Tyler got a phone and started to enjoy the games that he had.

As he upgraded to better devices and got a computer, he became very enthusiastic about his gaming. He wanted to pursue it as a career, but little did he know that he will actually suceed in it.

His whole early life was taken over by computers and games and he already knew that he wanted to study those in college when he was a bit older.

Tyler decided to go to Central Methodist University and he got his PhD in Computer science there. Besides that, he used to play sports too.

You can see by his nowadays looks that he enjoys going to the gym and it is also a part of his tough guy persona, but it is obvious that he has some background in other sports too.

Career development       

He decided to join the huge platform Twitch in 2014, in May. It was a really good chance for him to get a bigger audience and to become someone who people will look up to in the gaming world he is so familiar with.

During his streaming career, he became famous for League of Legends gameplay he did, but later on he started to do much more. He decided to spend more time playing other games and even creating videos outside of the gaming world. He once made a parody of a Bob Ross work called The Joy of Painting.

His fans are very funny because they like to make fun of him which is sort of unusual. However, he knows that they are teasing him and refuses to believe that someone may hate him or want to take him down from the streaming page.

At one point of his career, he decided that it is a good idea to let his viewers know him better and so he made a TV series called A DAY IN THE LIFE OF TYLER1. This is a series written, directed and edited by him and, you guessed it, he acts in it too.

People describe his style as very energetic, dinamic and sometimes a bit rough. Most of his subscribers are his fans because of the controversy and the things he says in his streams.

People connect him with NepentheZ, he also makes streams about League of Legends and Minecraft on his Twitch account. They sometimes talk to each other and connect on their streams.

Tyler likes to be in tournaments sometimes because he gets the chance to show off his skills in front of a larger number of people. That’s why he was very active in the NA LCS 2018 Summer Playoffs Streamer Showmatch. His team ended up second, and they were called Throw Machine Gaming. The group consisted of solo, contractz, matt, tyler1 and phreak.

His Reddit account is full of memes about him and they are posted both by the fans and by him. He doesn’t get offended by them and he actually thinks they can be quite funny.

At one point of his career, because of the controversy going on, he was banned from the hall of LCS and later he was on the stage of NA LCS finals. He is the type of guy that is very devoted and tries his best to get the best out of everything.

Lately he has been involved in some interviews, such as the one he gave to Travis Gafford. He wants to talk about everything that happened in his career in order to help people understand him better and to see why does he do the things he does.

Tyler is very famous for the fact that he reached 1 million on YouTube after he got back on Twitch. He likes to brag about the system not being strong enough to ban him and he always says that no one can stop you from being who you are truly destined to be.

During his most popular streams, he was the 13th best player of League of Legends in the world. He had developed such a fantastic tactic and was a pro in the game. It’s a bit weird that he plays with Draven, a character that was his favorite.

The time when he was banned from League of Legends was the time he stopped streaming. It was a two year period that other people convicted him to. He was being very annoying when the rules didn’t fit him and he always wanted to sort of bend them in order to get what he wanted.

Because he was banned, he decided to make his own League of Legends tournament with the main prize being ten thousand dollars. It was a green screen production and he got over 200 000 viewers! This is a fantastic result and he was very happy that he did it.

The stream he made when he came back broke all records on Twitch. It had about 386 000 viewers and this is a number not many other people can reach. However, all of his fans were very happy to see him after such a long time.

It had been 613 days between his two streams: the one before the ban and the one after returning.

Personal life

Tyler is also a meme nowadays. He likes to show off as a very masculine person and he likes to show his aggressive side so he became a joke after some time. The tough guy image that he portrays with his symetric face and big muscles fit him very well.

Nowadays he has a place in New London in Missouri and he lives there with his partner. She caused quite some trouble on the internet once when she decided that it would be a good idea to show her breasts to other people.

The girlfriend isn’t too familiar with the internet since she got banned, and Tyler likes to protect her identity, but we know that the couple started to date in February 2017. Rumour has it that it was Valentine’s Day.

He also has a twitter where he goes by @loltyler1, a facebook, and he posts about 2-3 videos a week on the streaming portal.

Tyler is usually called very toxic in the community because he spreads bad and aggressive energy. Many streamers claim that he talks bad about others and that he has a very specific way of getting into other people’s heads, but who knows is this true?

On his Twitter he had said many times that he changed and he used to be sad about the fact that people still judged him for the things he did in the past. However, he sometimes repeats those things and people get even more angry because it’s him breaking his word.

Many people think that his complex of aggresiveness is coming from the fact that he is pretty short for a guy. Maybe he is trying to make it up by acting alpha and using the word alpha describing himself all of the time. His teammates in the football club used to call him Waterbug.

He was very mad to hear that people talked about him as if he was stupid. He always mentions the fact that he has a computer major and that he wasn’t the dumb football player in school, his grades were always pretty good.

Because of him, a man at Riot Games was fired. Riot Games is the company that made League of Legends and one employee there said that Tyler will die of overdose as a joke. However, this wasn’t nice and the colleagues were disturbed so the man was fired. When Tyler heard this, he first laughed and then felt sad for the man.

Quick summary

Full name: Tyler Steinkamp

Date of birth: March 6th in 1995

Birthplace:  United States of America

Age: 23

Profession: gamer, streamer

Height: 167 cm

Weight: 86 kg

Net Worth: NA