His real name is Paul Denino, but not a lot of people know him by his full name. Ice Poseidon is a famous streamer who play the game RuneScape. He does sometimes spend time doing other gameplays of Quiplash and Outlast, but he is mostly focused on becoming a vlogger now.

He has a YouTube channel where he has over 700 000 subscribers and his dream is to reach 700 000.

Early years

Paul was born in Palm Beach which is in Florida. His date of birth is September 29th in year 1994. He got famous pretty young, if you think about it.

His dad is called Michael and his mother is called Enza and they spent a lot of time with their child while he was growing up. They were devoted to him and therefore he grew up in a pretty happy family.

He never thought that YouTube would be his career and he went to a college which focuses on finance studies. He enjoyed it, but he enjoys his job now even more.

There is not a lot of information about his education before college, but he was obviously interested in it since he made it.

People aren’t sure how did he make it to college since he acts really stupid sometimes and it is surprising to see that his IQ is actually pretty high, a bit above average. This makes people believe he is a sociopath and we’ll state events that show that later on.

Career development

His career started in 2015 when he decided to play Runescape on Twitch. Because of how god he was, hee joined IRL and he played Pokemon there.

Because his career was growing, he decided to relocate and he decided to move to Los Angeles. It as a great choice because a lot of content creators live there and he could spend more time with them and also gain some new followers.

When he was first banned from Twitch, he decided to try YouTube. Some of his fans decided to followhim there and he became the “Ice Poseidon”. He continued to make videos there and he was very amused to realize that his channel is growing very fast.

Paul created a clan called the Purple Army Cx and he has a bunch of followers alltogether. The clan changes members a lot because people sometimes leave and sometimes Paul kicks them out.

Many people think that he is maybe autistic in a way because his brain doesn’t seem to work like other people’s brains. He thinks that some things are okay, when they naturally are not, and he doesn’t seem to differ bad and good.

People mostly liked the gameplays and some of his vlogs, but they could not understand his jokes and pranks. Paul has no idea what balance is and he makes pranks that are very mean and can sometimes even be understood as harassment.

There was a lot of controversy related to his Twitch plays and he was banned several times from there. Many people thought that he won’t come back because he was banned, but he eventually did and he showed everyone how devoted he is.

Besides YouTube and games, he likes to lift weights. People think that he was made fun of and that he started to work on his fitness because of that. He does not talk about this so we don’t know is it true.

Many content creators find him annoying because he gets a lot of money from his viewers that donate him cash and gift cards. This is something that people don’t like and most of his viewers don’t even understand who is willing to send him cash monthly.

His channel continues to grow and it seems like people are not even bothered by his controversy and problems. It is very funny because there seems to be so much people bothered by him, yet so little people are actually deciding not to support his content.

Now he is permanently banned from Twitch which means that he can no longer come back, no matter how much cash or followers he has. The company obvioulsy got fed up of all of the problems he is making and people started to report him more often.

He was one of the creators of “Emily faked cancer” meme that later became viral, but not a lot of people know that the meme was created by him. However, this became very problematic later and people were getting offended.

Many other streamers on RuneScape don’t like him because he buys gold and cash in the game with his real money and that makes his challenges easier to win. It’s something streamers are not supposed to do, but he tends to do it anyway.

He was one of the first streamers that decided to give a shot to the mobile game Pokemon GO and while the game was still being spread by the youth, he mastered it and becameo one of the best people in the whole game.

Personal life

He is connected with Celeste Holsterman, a Twitch streamer. They used to take pictures together and he posted them every once in a while so people made assumptions that they were dating, but no one really knows is this true.

Controversy is something Paul is very famous for and he has been in a few relationships that became attractive to the media. The biggest problems occurred when people started to talk about how he gets intimate with his fan’s spouses and fiancees and partners. He never talked about this, but there was also a huge controversy about him dating three women at the same time.

Now he is dating Carolina Burt. She is not interesting to his fans and they wanted Paul to break up with her, but he decided to do something else instead.

He decided to make a fake breakup and show everyone how it is over, but when people later found out that it was all a lie, there was a lot of steam and his fans were very angry.

Through the years, Paul made a bunch of problems on social media and his streamsand Twitch had to ban him. Not a lot of people know this, but at one point he actually almost had a career in Tiwtch, but he started to act different.

He was using mean racist comments and he pranked people, which is not professional and is harassment. People at the company couldn’t beliege how immature he acted sometimes and that is why he can’t do a career besides the one he makes on his own.

Because of his personality and the fact that people don’t like him that much, he has to move around a lot for him to stay safe. During the period of almost three years, he changed six different living locations.

He used to spend a lot of time with his friends that also stream and their names are Reckful, Milonakis Andy and Gross Gore, along with Sodapoppin and M. Jones. He used to be in a lot of clans, but he mostly gets kicked out because of his behaviour.

People are annoyed by his videos because he does not seem to put much effort in them. He doesn’t even care about the quality of video editing and barely does anything to make his videos interesting. He things he is very interesting himself.

When he and his friend were traveling by plane, someone made a fake rumour that he was carrying a bomb around and the FBI had to work immediately in order to solve this issue.

Later, when they realized that nothing happened, they just gave him a short ban because of his previous history of problems with the government. This happened in April of 2017.

At one point, he made a very racist song and there was a lot of trouble he encountered. People didn’t like it and they wanted to prosecute him.

He speaks in a weird way and many people claim that he has barely any manners. He seems to be very uninterested in what people think about him and he always takes critics as hate.

The worst thing he ever did was when he told all of his relatives and friends on social media to act as if he was dead. This was in early 2018. He wanted them to act all sad and weird and so people thought that he was really gone. Later, when he said that it was a joke, people were very angry.

This is certainly not the way you are supposed to get attention and Paul tends to do these things all of the time. He has so many fans that believe anything he says that his views never really go low, not even after these things.

He faked a wedding with Halie Atisuto once too and once he was involved with Geisha Montes. People don’t know what’s real and what isn’t.

Quick summary

Full name: Paul Denino

Date of birth: September 29th, 1994

Birthplace:  Florida

Age: 24

Profession: twitch streamer, YouTube star, comedian

Height: 185 cm

Weight: NA

Net Worth: $300,000