Originally Harry Lewis loved to be called as Wroetoshaw (W2S) is not a simple YouTuber but with special flair. It is claimed that his channel is powered by the best possible stress buster expertise.

He had blended the sport with hilarious commentaries. Initially W2S was concerned only with the coverage of FIFA but presently extreme videos and Q&As are also been added to give the viewers a real entertainment.

He had gather more than 9.7 million subscribers through his videos and has accumulated near about $5 million of net worth.

Early life

Wroetoshaw was born in Guernsey, United Kingdom on 24th November, 1996. As per zodiac sign he is Sagittarius. He lived his childhood in his birth place along with his brother Josh and Rosie who was his sister. From the early age he grew with a dream to be a YouTuber. With an English ethnicity he has British nationality. We know almost nothing about his education.

When he was a teenage of 17 years he joined Ultimate Sidemen.


Wroetoshaw have already tasted success in the very early age with his special gaming tachniques. He is most popular because of his insane challenges and pranks which are really jaw-dropping. In 2012 he had started his YouTube channel keeping FIFA to be the area of coverage but with the passage of time challenging videos and crazy Q&As are also come up to give real thrilling and hilarious entertainment. Some of the best videos consists of “If Messi (vs Bateson87)”, Pele (vs Calfreezy)”, “TOTY Ronaldo (KSIOlajidebt)” and some more. Blue jumper jacket is his sensational trademark.

One can easily know the popularity of this gamer that on an average nearly 10,000 new subscriber join his show which has gather over 11.5 million subscribers in all with 3.2 billion views. Every week he uploads one to two videos and everyday his enchanting videos gets more than 2.5 million views. This brings advertisement of $4,500 each day. He got another channel which receives 30,000 views on an average and generate $36 daily.

The acceptance of his show is so high that Google Preferred companies show keen interest to put their ads on the prime contents notwithstanding the price which is always much higher than normal rates.

On the other side viewers pay extra monthly fees to view special programs which are ad free. To attract more viewers they are also paid back on the basis of the time they have devoted to watch any video show. Viewer can improve earning by devoting more time on watching the shows. So W2S is earning from both the sides. Through sponsorship of many companies as Face Up, Dragon City, Lootcrate and others W2S makes more money.

Harry still has some more oxygen in his lungs which is natural for a creator who loves to laugh and make people laugh aloud, as along with this busy schedules for videos, through the famous brand of Sidemen he sells his merchandise.

Personal life

The young Harry has not married yet and his busy schedule has perhaps kept him away from any relationship. The YouTuber does not have any past relation as well. Might he already have a life as terrific presenter of game he has not shown much interest in dating with someone.

He has an intimate relation with Calfreezy and Callux who belong to Sidemen. He is the supporter of Chelsea the prominent football club.

Quick summary:

Full Name: Harry Lewis

Date of Birth: 24th November, 1996

Birth Place: Guernsey, United Kingdom

Age: 21 Years

Profession: YouTuber, Gamer

Height: 1.80m

Weight: NA

Net worth: $5 million