Vic Mensa had shown enough potential as one of the promising upcoming rappers with a distinct style of his own with a blend of some former celebrities in the field. The excellence in his rap has earned a nomination for the Grammy Award.

Further, the talent is rightly sensed by one of the most prestigious Ric Nation, and they have signed with this young rapper who is endowed with supreme aptitude. All that he had done is amazing for any rapper to achieve in this short span of performing experience professionally.

During this period he had been the member of ‘Kids These Days.’ Later after the split, he formed ‘Savemoney.’ Vic came up with ‘The Autobiography,’ his debut album which is highly appreciated by the rap lovers all around. The earning had always been a dependable yardstick to measure the success of any individual. In this regard also Vic had earned quite profusely through various programs and his contracts with the musical company.

So far Vic has gathered not less than 3 Million dollars as his estimated net worth which is quite high by any standards.

Early life

The world knows the rapper as Vic Mensa, but this is his stage name. The real name of this prolific rapper is Victor Kwesi Mensah as named by his parents. The rapper was born on 6th June 1993 in Chicago, Illinois, United States of America. He was to the family of mix ancestry where his father originated from the African land Ghana and his mother is born American. He is born to Edward Mensah, and his father has the black African ethnicity where his mother Betsy Mensah has the white ethnicity. He is born to one well to do family where his parents were engaged in a different profession, one is a professor in economics, and another parent is the physical therapist. The zodiac sign of Vic is Gemini.

Vic perhaps grew up as a lone kid of his parent at the Hyde Park area of Chicago city. For his education, he was enrolled in the Whitney M. Young Magnet High School. There is no detailed information available about this young rap talent, but it can be well understood that particularly, during his teenage days, he might have taken up rapping as his career. His rapping ability must have got the initial appreciation from his friends and other close ones. While studying in the high school the first time met his friend and collaborator Chancellor Bannett who is better known as Chance the Rapper. As claimed by the artist his major influence was Timbaland, Biggie Smalls, Eminem and some more.


Obviously, like others, he had started his career in the local programs or his other associations. The real entry to a career was made by Vic when he joined in with the ‘Kids These Days.’ For quite some, this Hip Hop group had done pretty well, but for some reason, the members departed. The rapping journey has to be carried on, and Vic planned to form his band. Before doing so, while still in the Kid’s band Vic was regularly trying to create his mixtapes. The consistent effort gave him success as he came up with Straight Up in 2010, which was his first mixtape Ep and had been highly appreciated in the rapping world.

The Kids fail to stay together after 2013, and after this split, Vic started giving his performance as a solo rap artist. After some time in the same year, Vic formed his band with the name Save money. The band gathered enough acknowledgments from the rap lovers, and Vic got a frequent invitation from different associations for his performance.  Gradually his popularity was gathering high momentum, and he was also putting hard effort to bring out some mixtapes. His mixtape ‘Innanetape’ which he created during this time was highly applauded by many and was a major download for the lovers of rap.

He started performing with some well-established personalities of rap world as J.Cole, Wale and some more. In 2014 he joined the touring group ‘What Dreams May Come.’ The same year in June, he came up with a fantastic single, ‘Down on My Luck,’ which is released by the Virgin EMI. The single gave a high recognition in the music world, and XXL Magazine’s Freshman Class got every reason to print his still on their front. The single was nominated for the mtvUWoodie Award.

The young talent was recognized by Roc Nation, and it entered into a contract with Vic on 21st April 2015 to compose for them. The Internet user saw his agreement alongside Jay-Z. It was all running well Vic came up with another single titled ‘No Chill,’ in the same year in July. A remix of Codeine Crazy was released soon. In August same year, Vic released another formidable composition ‘I have Been.’ The single gathered immense appreciation. Vic started working with Kanye West and Sia in 2016. His song ‘The Life of Pablo’ which got into his album was meant for Kanye West.

Later with Kenya, Vic released U Mad which has been a major success for the duo. He was with Kenya during this period when his ‘All Day’ was nominated for the most coveted Grammy Award. In 2016 Vic started collaborating with a British band ‘Gorillaz.’ In June 2016 Vic came up with yet another track “A lot is Going On.”

Vic has not received any major awards in his rapping career yet. But the nomination for Grammy Awards in 2016 and a year before his nomination for Woodie Awards’ have given him the required confidence to prosper in his field. In 2016 he joined in with Travis Scott. In the same year, iLoveMakonnen collaborated with this promising rapper.

Personal life

The young rapper is perhaps kept him busy in his career and trying to find associations with the people of his genre. A name Natalia Wright had evolved, but there has not been any confirmation from either one.

Vic disclosed that he appreciates the rock’n’roll of Nirvana, Prince, A/c Dc, Jimi Hendrix and all that is well performed. The young talented rapper is highly wanted in his social website account. The followers of Instagram and Twitter had gone passed 600 thousand and 300 thousand respectively.

Quick summary:

Full Name: Victor Kwesi Mensah

Date of Birth: 6th June 1993

Birth Place: Chicago, Illinois, United States of America

Age: 25 Year Old

Profession: Rapper

Height: 5 Feet 9 Inches / 175 cm

Weight: 70 Kg / 154 Pounds

Net worth: $3 Million