Hurricane Chris is the stage name of Christopher Dooley, Jr. He was born in the year 1989 during February.

He is a famous American rapper and has earned a lot of fame from his debut single named “A Bay Bay” and did debut of the studio album named 51/50 Ratchet in the year 2007.

Early life

He belongs from the land of Shreveport, Louisiana. The pursued his education from the high school Huntington and then dropped his education to pursue a career in rapping industry. Though this decision of him was not appreciated by his mother as she has only dreamt of becoming a successful rapper so she did not stop her child to becoming one and she believed him and his talent blindly.

His mother had a keen interest in rapping but never got a limelight, so in many songs, they did mention about his mother and how she is the reason behind his success and how he turned to be a good person like his mother.


From the age of just nine years when he introduced himself as a rapper by a catchy single in the year 2007 called as the “A Bay Bay.” During August of 2007, he introduced his next single named as the “The Hand Clap” which was produced by Phone Dawg.

Then he went on releasing a mixtape names as Louisi Animal. In the mixtape, the remix version of his new first song “A Bay Bay” was also there. Then in that year, he released his 51/50 Ratchet for which he earned a lot of names. The created a record by selling the copies near to 26,000. This gained enough attention of the local people, and he also did some indie singles like the “Yep” and the “Ya Hear Me.”

Then he went on releasing few more singles like the Headboard during 2009. And in 2009 also announced the next album called the Unleashed. He was quite a famous name in the field of rapping and secured a great place among other talented rapper and worked with many of them. The voice at the beginning of the song A Bay Bay was actually rapped by the child of the Famous rapper known as 3 Feet.

Personal life

He was in a relation with Shay Johnson during 2008, and this relationship was short lived. Shay Johnson starred in the famous Love and Hip: Atlanta and also in Shay Buckey flavor Flav in the central comedy roast.

As he used to travel most of the time hence keeping up with the relation was not possible for them.

Quick summary:

Real name: Christopher Dooley, Jr

Age: 28

Height: N/A

Weight: N/A

Birthplace: Shreveport, Louisiana 

Profession: Rapper

Net Worth: $300 thousand