Victor Espinoza is a professional jockey who is also amazingly well paid in the field he belongs in. In the year 2014, he was considered as being number 8 at the list of National earnings for Jockeys. Apart from the normal salary, jockeys are generally paid 10% of the money that the horse won.

He is a professional racing jockey of the origin Mexican American. Born in 1972 in the month of May, at Tulancingo, he initially began riding in Mexico while later in California.

He was raised in a dairy farm and is the 11th child of the 12 children. He has further won a wide array of championships which has made him proclaim the name that he has today.

Victor has further won the Kentucky Derby total three times, the first win being in the year 2002. He further won the title of Kentucky Derby riding in the California Chrome in the year 2014 along with American Pharaoh in the year 2015.

Espinoza further has two wins of Preakness Stakes riding War Emblem in the year 2002 along with California Chrome in the year 2014. The first break received by him was in the year 2000 on winning Breeder’s Cup Distaff while riding for Spain. The year 2013 was a huge year in his life when he celebrated the 3000th win at the Belfair Hollywood Park.

On the other hand, in the year 2012, Espinoza finished in the 8th position on the list of National Earnings for Jockeys. Victor further is known for donating 10% of the winnings to medical center named City of Hope with the purpose of research of pediatric cancer. Espinoza has won ESPY Award in the year 2012 along with in the year 2014 where he won ESPY Award as a result of being the Best Jockey.

Victor had begun riding in the native Mexico while then went forward to compete at the bigger racetracks. He went forward to compete while in racetracks situated in California. The net worth achieved by him is a stellar while he is in the peak of his career at the moment.

He was although born in a poor family but has raised himself to bigger achievements with his dedication and hard work.

He was born with 11 siblings. Hence he had to forcefully take job as a driver of a bus in the city of Mexico. He did this for paying for the jockey school. Thus, it can be said that the investment and hard work made by him made him earn what he has today in his life.

Right from being in the goat farm, he went on to the racing tracks. He is seen with Kelly Kovalchick who is aged 19 years. He considers her to be his lucky charm.

However, mother of a girl named Julie Kunkel who is aged 25 claims that the jockey is engaged to her daughter. She has also said that he has gifted her huge diamond ring on being engaged. He further added that the couple has been going around for about seven years.

Since the year 1993 till the year 2015, he has had statistics of huge earning.

He holds varied records for horse racing and has created a benchmark for all. He lives in a grand mansion which is worth over millions. He is the oldest and the first jockey to have won the award.

Victor Espinoza has achieved as estimated net worth of $4 million as per records of the year 2015.

Quick summary

Full name: Victor Espinoza

Date of birth: May 23, 1972

Birth place: Tulancingo, Mexico

Age: 47 years

Height: 1.58 m

Weight: 112 lbs

Net Worth: $4 million