Wayne Rogers Net Worth 2019, Age, Height, Weight

Wayne Rogers Net Worth 2019, Age, Height, Weight

Wayne Rogers was an American film and TV actor.

Early years

He was born in Birmingham, Alabama on April 7,1933.

His father died when he was little and his mother sent him to a private school.

He went to Ramsay High School and gratuated in History on Princeton University in 1954.

After serving in the Navy he turned to acting.

Career development

During military service he became associated with theater and decided to try himself in acting  after leaving the military.

He moved to New York  to became a student  with an actor Sanford Meisner at the Neighborhood Playhouse.

He appeared in a lot of TV series such as “The Invaders”,”The fugitive”,”Gunsmoke”, etc.

From 1960-61. he starred in the western series “Stagecoach West”  as  a leading role.

For years he was in and out of Broadway shows and theatre until 1972.

That year came the  role of “Trapper John”, a war surgeon in the classic comedy series M.A.S.H.  that finally put him into the spotlight and acknowledged him as an actor.

He worked with Alan Alda in that series and  they became close friends but he  left the series three years later. Alda’s dominance in the scripts was a part of his reason to left the show.

Later on he admitted that it was a mistake to leave the series and that he had a huge ego at the time.

After leaving that series he appeared in miniseries “Top of the Hill”,”Ghosts of Mississippi” and “Housecalls” where he also played a doctor like in “M.A.S.H.”

He guest starred in “Murder, she wrote” for five times.

He turned to directing and producing, not just acting.

He invested in realestates and stock and became a successful financial manager and businessman.

He  even launched a firm to help other actors , rock stars, producers and film workers with their investments and financial problems.

With his reputation as an ace in stocks and bonds and his fame as an actor, he became a regular guest on TV programs talking about money and investing, and he also gave  a large number of interviews for leading financial publications.

He was often asked for his opinion in business world.

He was picked to star in „Cashin’ In“  due to his success as an investor and a business magnat.

He received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in 2005.

He died in 2015., at the age of 82., from complications from pneumonia.

Philantropic life

He was known for helping different charity associations but he always prefered to give money or help directly to the one that need it.

Personal life

In 1950. he started dating Mitzi McWorther who was an actress.

They got married,had  two children, Laura and William, and got divorced in 1983.

In 1988. Rogers married his second wife Amy Hirsh, an entertainment producer. They were together for 27 years.

Quick summary

Full name: William Wayne McMillan Rogers

Date of Birth: April 7,1933

Birthplace: Birmingham, Alabama

Profession: actor, producer, screenwriter, director

Height: he was 1,9 m

Weight: he was  88kg

Net worth:$75 milion


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