Mike Rowe is an American actor, TV host, narrator and a producer.

Early life

He was born on March 18,1962. as Michael Gregory Rowe in Baltimore, Maryland.

In 1979. he became a Scout in Troop 16 in Baltimore.

One of his projects as a scout was reading aloud to blind students at the Maryland School for the Blind.

He became very interrested in narration because of that .

He attended  Overlea High School and studied at Essex Community College. 

Career development

Mike gratuated from Towson University but even though he got a degree in communication studies his first job was professional singing with the Baltimore Opera in 1984.

In the 1990s he was an on-air host for a TV network QVC and that was the start of his narrating career.

He hosted Evening Magazine in San Francisco from 2001-2005. In 2005. he gained great popularity with a series „Dirty Jobs“ where he worked on the dirtiest jobs in America trying to explain how hard they are and how we must respect people who do them.

In 2008. he launched a website mikeroweWORKS which focused on upgrading America’s infrastructure, encouraging investments and manufacture and appreaciating blue and white collar jobs.

He describes himself as a cheerleader for the common working people everybody is taking for granted.

Through his career he did a lot of commercials (Ford), narrated a lot of series and has been a host on TV shows .

In 2011. he testified before the U.S. Senate Commerce Committee trying to explain why Amerika has got to change stereotypes about blue collar workers and why is their work so important. He also told that he is disappointed in the number of new job openings .

In 2012. he became more popular by doing „How Booze Built America“ on the Discovery Channel.

In 2012. The Scouts of America gave him a very high award for promoting scouting through his work.

For a few years now he is mostly narrating and filming for Discovery channel series  (the last one is called „Deadliest Catch“) and works hard on his website trying to improve the life of common working people.

He has a partnership with two big companies like Fortune 500 and Lee Premium Select Jeans so he encreased his wealth.

Personal life

There was a rumour  that he got married a few years ago but it wasn’t proven.

Since he keeps his personal life very hidden it is only known that he is in a relationship with a longlasting girlfriend  Danielle Burgio and they both live in San Francisco. 

Philantropic work

His websites award sholarships for students who decide to have a career in the skilled trades.

That is his way of showing how this jobs are needed and how much he is eager to create more jobs for American people.

Quick summary

Full name: Michael Gregory Rowe

Date of Birth: March 18,1962.

Birthplace: Baltimore, Maryland

Age: 54

Profession: actor, narrator, Tv host, producer,activist

Height: 1,83 m

Weight: 84 kg

Net Worth:$ 35 million